Directors Note 2021

From the Director

On January 1st, as the world emerged into 2021, the prevailing message from around the globe was one of optimism. Optimism that the trials and tribulations of 2020 would be behind us, that economies would recover and, most importantly, that we could carry out our daily activities safely and in good health.

The events of 2020 induced changes in strategy, management, operations, and priorities that seem here to stay. Hitting the road with ‘New Technologies & New Paradigms’ as a theme – we look forward to the instructional implementation of educational technology to harness and build a strong foundation fostering each individual’s capacity to be lifelong learners and thinkers.

Believing in the organization’s ability to learn, and translating that learning into action rapidly, we look forward to changing the design culture on the bedrock of research-based learning.

With patriotic buoyancy, the staff at ARCH gathered on the 72nd Republic Day of India, to participate in hoisting the national flag. The day of national rejoicing was celebrated with pomp and show, zeal and spirit, marked with merry ambiance involving fun, games and team building activities where the participants enthusiastically partook in the convivial experience. The red-letter day was concluded with great éclat on a merry note, after a delicious brunch.

To reap the benefit of the silver linings and lessons that came out of 2020, we look forward to make 2021 a remarkable and inspiring year in line with the belief in the revolutionary power of new media technologies, that will help us.


26th January was also the first anniversary of the Fashion Colloquium which was organized at the ARCH campus, Jaipur. The event had marked the launch of the Third series of the Fashion Colloquia which recognized the importance of a ‘Responsible’ future and provided a forum for discussions, debate, and interaction on how essential and integral it is, for us to protect and preserve the colors and threads of our rich material culture and the unique stories they tell us. With more than 80 speakers from over 15 countries and expert attendees broadly representing academia, media, and practice from all over the world, narratives, researches, and contributions were shared, bringing together a rich variegated storytelling, towards building a new shared future.

The theme echoed the ethos of ‘Responsible Fashion’ and celebrated the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi as well.