Bachelors in Product Design

Bachelors in Product Design – An academic degree with exceptional prospects

Product Design – A career overview:

With the expansion of technology, product designers are thriving in modern society, introducing fascinating products that make human lives more comfortable. These product designers use all advances in technology and materials and are creators who can analyze consumer needs and market trends to come up with alluring & utilitarian products.

Product design as a field of work is a dream job for many design professionals as it requires imaginative capacity and creative thinking more than mere physical input. The work of a product designer includes visualization, analysis, communication, prototyping, testing, remodelling, etc. and combines craftsmanship, science, and innovation to make products that everyone can utilize.

But how do you start a career in Product Design?

A career in product design demands particular skill sets that encompass visual design and articulation & technical understanding of materials and processes. Besides that, it requires a specific flair and knowledge of consumer culture & behaviour. If you’re already a professional working in the design domain, you can learn a few additional aspects on your own. But if you are planning to start after graduation, preferably in the design or tech domain, the best way to go about it is to enrol yourself in a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design.

The Bachelors in Product Design program joins cross-disciplinary investigations of design thinking with hands-on understanding. This is something that no online classes or self-education can ever possibly offer. It is supported by classes, workshops, exercises, and hands-on work. Industry experts and entrepreneurial pioneers teach you through individual instructing and mentorship. Once you complete, you will have the chance to work with organizations on the bleeding edges of product design. You will figure out how to examine current industry trends, upskill yourself on new and emerging technologies, predict upcoming patterns, and investigate new trends in design, innovation, creation, and circulation of products. To do all this and be competitive in the domain, you will require an academic background that trains you vigorously for the purpose.

Opportunities for graduates in the Product Design program include:

  • Product Designer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Costume Jewellery Designer
  • Leather Goods Designer
  • Product Sourcing Consultants
  • Accessory Designer
  • Heritage Craft Product Manager
  • Home Décor Designer
  • Giftware Designer etc

These are only some of the commonly assumed titles that graduates in Product Design usually attain. The skills taught in this program are invaluable to almost all areas of the design & visual industry. The holistic nature of the course enables individuals to work in other areas of design as well, depending on their passion and interest..

A degree in product design builds up your inventive design aptitudes and gives you the specialized capacity to utilize production techniques innovatively. It additionally outfits you with different behavioural skills that are valued by numerous companies, for example,

  • Presentation abilities
  • Communication Skills
  • Work Ethics & Innovative Thinking
  • Business and Entrepreneurial abilities
  • Critical Design Thinking abilities

Product Design at ARCH College of Design & Business:

Arch College of Design & Business has been one of India’s best institutes for product design courses. It prepares you to be a successful product designer and equips you with multiple skills of visual interpretation & analysis, entrepreneurship, as well as complete knowledge of how the market functions. With this course, you also get a glimpse of other domains in the design industry.

There are two choices of pathways towards a degree award – the 4 years B Des in Product Design, and the BA (International) in Product Design.

In either pathway the course prepares you to become aware of consumer taste & needs so that you can empathetically design products that would fulfil them, introducing visually aesthetic and functional products that delight and make aspects of lives easier. The international course consists of 2 years in India at Arch and the final degree year in an institution of design abroad. Find more information on the website

“People don’t use the product because of the great design; Great design helps them use the product.” To become a product designer, read the course details and pre-requisites by clicking here.