Photography Course


The photography profession has progressed significantly with a history of rapidly changing imaging technology. Photography has gone digital, it has moved forward in leaps and bounds. The Photography unit introduces the learner to a range of photographic equipment and techniques and processes to turn out meaningful work. Consideration is given as to how the photographic meaning is constructed.

The students will learn visual and technical codes involved in photography and learning all the rules of photography. As they progress, they will be urged to inventively break the rules. The students will be encouraged to research, explore and innovate and build a visual vocabulary. Students will be encouraged to frame their individual interesting styles, creating a visual identity. Further helping them to investigate, enhance and fabricate a visual jargon. Students will explore the scope of photographic situations linked to production they will need to do inquiry, research introductory shoot.

The students will showcase their portfolios on the web, with coffee table books, and through exhibitions. Presenting one’s work to an audience will encourage them to articulate visual stories and challenges.

The students will create project plans and briefs. They will be urged to go to galleries and visit exhibitions view practitioner websites. Apart from pure photography and videography, they will also learn allied subjects like Professional development, Individual project, technical processes, Lighting in photography, Digital darkroom techniques, Visual narratives and Professional practice, Styling, entrepreneurship, and Art Direction.

Students will get access to a professional Studio with all the necessary types of equipment. Large Mac machines will be available for editing and post-processing.

On successfully completing the course, the student gets the vibe of the entire industry with all the facets of photography and this would be far more superior to just being an apprentice to somebody. During internships and industry projects, they will get hands-on experience on live projects. Students will make inroads in the industry.

Photography course at Arch

The course at Arch College of Design and Business is extraordinary in the methodology adopted to train its students. Be it narrative style or product photography, Arch’s pedagogy in this creative course encourages exploration and the incorporation of concept-based thinking to achieve significant visuals. Students are not restrained with age old standards and rules in place since the inception of photography. Students are prepared to go past their own restrictions in order to think more liberally. In the changed types that we offer, some have a substantial social relevance in the current situation, while the others work on unique digressions portraying symbolic upheavals and emotion in total harmony. With a particularly different openness, understudies wind up getting changed into neo age proficient photographic artists.

The course offered is a 3 year Bachelor of Arts in Photography where the students learn all the basics with classroom and real time projects in the first 2 years at the ARCH, Jaipur campus, and in the 3rd year goes abroad for the completion of the course and to get their degree. The student has a choice of a number of international universities to go to. And after that, the student can continue their studies further, if they wish, with a 1 year Masters program from the same university or any other of their choice.