An Interview with a Fashion Design Student

This article is written by Pranjal Joshi based on his conservation with Aditi Moonat

Aditi Moonat
A student of GPEM Course in Fashion Design at ARCH (2 years)

Question: What made you chose ARCH for your post-graduation?
Answer: I was suggested by my sister to go for ARCH for my post-graduation. GPEM (Garment Production and Export Management) course attracted me a lot. GPEM is an industrial learning based course. It focuses on industrial perspective of design. Jaipur is a very nice place, safe and convenient for a student.

Question: What you liked most about ARCH?
Answer: Our main mentors were Mrs. Sunita Yadav ma’am and Mr. Basant Sharma sir. Both of them helped us a lot with export related studies. Environment of ARCH is friendly and happening. Opportunities to explore industrial connections is there. My capabilities and abilities were also discovered. I got a chance to discover myself.

Cushion covers made by Aditi Moonat

Question: Most memorable moments at ARCH.
Answer: I participated in a Fashion show as a model. It gave me a chance to look into the designer’s life more closely.’Vastra’ was also a very good opportunity for all the students. It was a chance for us to focus on made-ups like cushion covers rather than garments.

Question: What are your plans for future?
Answer: I plan to go for internship or job after completion of my course. I wish to be a successful Fashion Designer in future. I look forward to work with stylist, Fashion Designers, export houses or become a teacher in a Fashion Institute. The world is full of possibilities for me now.

Question: What do you say about the Accelerator program?
Answer: Now, I have made a good business plan which is very reliable. I worked in a group with a few other students. We have made up a starter plan. We wish to continue with our plan after completing our studies.

We plan to open a style consultancy service; in which we will assist our customers for getting a head-to-toe style look.

Aditi Moonat at a Fashion show

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