An interview with Tage Lucy (Fashion Design faculty at ARCH College of Design and Business)

1. Tell us something about yourself.

I am Tage Lucy from Ziro, but born and brought-up in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. A Post-Graduate from NIFT, Kannur and presently serving as a faculty of Fashion Design and Assistant coordinator at ARCH College of Design and Business. As a multi-tasker I am ready to give my time for what I live for, and I live for a better tomorrow.

Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo represented one of my Design on Ethnic wear of Arunachal Pradesh. Femina Miss India Finalist, Miss Sukalpa Das walked the ramp on my collection “Hills will fill” with other 12 models. I am not limited to only Design as I feel one should involve oneself into multiple activities, I am a choreographer, event manager, Fashion Designer, stylist, make-up artist and have also experienced as a model. I have done multiple shows including few International shows. I have showcased my collection on the prestigious platform like International Tourism Mart (ITM), and Statehood Day (20th feb) for Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh and have received an appreciation from Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Mr. J.J. Singh and District commissioner Shri Amaya Abhayankar (IAS).


Lucy Tage at Bangkok in Thailand at Thai-Indian Fun Fair Day which was organized by Northeast India Fashion and Design Council.

Lucy Tage with Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo of United States. Olivia Culpo is seated in the front center in white garments.Lucy is third from right.

Lucy Tage with Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo of United States. Olivia Culpo is seated in the front center in white garments. Lucy is the one standing in middle at the back.

2. What are the myths and stereotypes about Fashion Design prevailing in people’s minds?

Designers or people from the Fashion industry are not necessarily glamour freaks or money/fame minded. Fashion Designer is not about ‘cut and sew’ or ‘tailoring’.

3. What are the various possibilities and prospects for a learner of Fashion Design?

Earlier, there were less opportunities for Designers. However, they made their way out and became successful with the available resources in India and have set a huge example for all those aspiring Designers who had little idea about what they were good at despite being so skilled. Today, there are many colleges to channelize students to bring out the best in them. Students now have the option to choose from many colleges to enhance their skills and get exposure in the field of Fashion. There is so much beyond just Designing a garment as there are chances to reshape the future using Design education. The best part is that Design Education is that it is a skilled based course, a person is not dependent on anyone for his living.

4. Do you think that Indian Fashion Designers are less creative in comparison to their western counterparts?

I feel that Indian Designers are far more creative than their western counterparts but our cultural diversity is ironically our strength as well as our weakness.

This at times becomes our weakness and a major challenge because people from different cultures in India do not necessarily gel with each other. People prefer being at their native place rather than moving to different destinations and working there.

The major hindrance to our creativity is that talented and skilled Indian professionals are mostly localized with regards to their place of work. Whereas, in the West, they have a part of their jobs exclusively meant for Designers from other cultures in order to promote cultural diversity which helps in the creation of new Designs and enhancing creativity.

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