Nek Chand’s Rock Garden

India has been known for world-class Designs and Designers. Rock Garden at Chandigarh is an example of excellence in the field of Design. The Rock Garden at Chandigarh was created single-handedly by a person named Nek Chand Saini.

Nek Chand collected waste materials, recyclable articles, and fragments or broken pieces of various objects. He worked secretly and created a wonder which is now known as the Rock Garden. Rock Garden has been designed in such a way that waste products have been clubbed together to create installations and embellishments. Rock Garden is divided into three phases.



In phase 1, toilet fixtures, broken glass pieces, and broken tiles have been used to create figures of humans and animals.

In phase 2, there is a waterfall, courtyards, and pathways. Many cultural events are held here. Large sized figures have been installed in the third phase of the Rock Garden.

Rock Garden is a great example of how creativity and Design techniques can create something so unique and so unique and special materials which are thrown off because they are waste. These waste materials have been used in a way that is remarkable and astonishing.

Even trash is worth so much since the museum is a big source of revenue for the Government now and a major tourist attraction. Designers can make so much difference to the world by their unusual and amazing masterpieces! Designers now only fascinate people by their creations but reshape and recreate the world we live in as well.


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