Hand Drafting in Design

Design students always have a question, why is hand-drafting done in the era of CAD (Computer Aided Design).

Everyone is taught in school, humans have five senses- touch, sight, taste, smell and hear. Nonetheless, Design students are always told to use these senses a little more in order to feel the space.

Let us discuss Hand Drafting as perceived by a Design student!

What is Hand Drafting?

As per Google – “it’s an Act or discipline of composing drawing that visually communicate how something functions or communicate.”


Difficult huh!!

You must have heard, if the foundation of a building is strong, building survives.

And if the creative foundation of Design students is strong, they also survive.

Basically, hand drafting is the foundation for Design students.

It provides us the sense of touch which broadens our visualization, which in turn helps us to increase our creative essence.

So guys just trust the people who have been doing it for years! And don’t worry! Aspiring Designers will fall in love with it as many other Design students did.


Without the fundamental hand drafting skills, Designers are unable to comprehend the rigors of their careers on a daily basis. One of the most challenging aspects of this sphere is to see an object or an image, and convey the exact message given by it in a specified format; formats consists of cross sections, details and structural integrity. Without the potential to hand-draft, Designers struggle to grow and mature like their predecessors, who created the path the current Designers are walking on.

Many Design aspirants are unable to imagine that hand-drafting can come to fruition in their career. Generally, it is perceived that sketching is a great instrument to use during the schematic phase of a project, but not much emphasis is laid on the other facets of Design where it can be implemented.

These days, students prefer to align their concentration to software from beginning, mostly because they are an easy instrument and using them is exciting for a neophyte. While Design software are indispensable, over-reliance on them can obstruct emerging professionals’ imagination and capabilities.

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