Sunita Shekhawat

Live with Sunita Shekhawat: Discussing women entrepreneurship and professionalism

Ms. Sunita Shekhawat, an innovative jewelry designer and the founder of House of Sunita Shekhawat. Her inspiration for craft comes from the colorful heritage of Rajasthan and places across the country.

In this live session with ARCH Founder & Director, Ms. Archana Surana, she reveals a few insights about her profession, challenges, and perspectives on accomplishments. To the aspirants of jewelry design and for students and enthusiasts of design in general, this session is truly enriching and a must-watch for all.

Here are the highlights of the session:

Adding extra to the ordinary:

According to Ms. Shekhawat, there is a very thin line between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Speaking on the subject, she says, it only takes a little addition of “extra” to the ordinary to achieve extraordinary. For instance, if you wake up at 6, you can shift the habit to waking up by 5:30. And this small change is all it takes to make a big and significant difference in our lives.

Promise less, deliver more:

Continuing on how to make a big difference, Ms. Sunita also believes that overcommitting is not the most productive way to go about a project or life in general. Whether we talk about it in a professional context or a personal one, it is imperative to keep reminding ourselves of this simple yet profound principle. By being mindful of this, we can actively be more constructive and establish worthwhile credibility for ourselves. For instance, Ms. Sunita Shekhawat is well-known for designing timeless pieces of jewelry and she hasn’t earned that reputation by being in her comfort zone.

Similarly, Ms. Archana Surana has been the voice of sustainable fashion across the globe, she is a Youth Icon awardee, and entitled to many such awards and accomplishments for her work in the field of Design and Education. This recognition comes from her determination of doing things that are beyond day-to-day work.

Finding that work-life balance:

Contrary to popular belief, Ms. Shekhawat explains that it is not at all difficult to find the balance between personal life and work. But it does depend upon our friends, families, extended families, she adds. Looking back at her own journey, she remarks how it was easier for her mostly because she was surrounded by people who had the zeal to do something different and the level of understanding to encourage her personal growth.

Cherishing the journey:

When asked about the challenges she faced during the journey, Ms. Sunita, in an amusing analogy, explains how we tend to forget the hardships when we achieve a certain “success”. However, the journey that we make and all the hardships that we persevere is all a story to cherish in the end.

“I have enjoyed the journey more than the destination.”

Being self-reliant:

Ms. Archana recalls her first inspiration to make it into the big world as her desire to be self-reliant and independent. Agreeing to the notion, Ms. Shekhawat adds that it of course plays a big part in introducing that drive in your heart.

This notion is probably what keeps these two and millions of other women motivated to make a change. Often in entrepreneurship and even social activism, one has to take a long-winded path, and being self-reliant is the only source of power during hard times.


The road to success in the design sector is not an easy one, but if we surround ourselves with people who push our boundaries and encourage our visions, it gets a little easier. Watch this enriching Instagram live session to learn more from the story of Ms. Sunita Shekhawat.