Fashion Design degree

The best fashion design degree for a prosperous career in the industry

A fashion design career has begun to pick up relevance among young students, as this profoundly inventive field has a wide extension both in India and abroad. Fashion industry is an industry that is growing leaps and bounds with scores of different career opportunities in various aspects of the field. With thousands and thousands of people working in this glamorous arena of corporate world,

Students have innumerable open doors before them after completing their particular Fashion Design degree. They can become a part of the fashion industry, a design strategist, an independent consultant, a studio owner, and more. In any case, to accomplish that professional growth, it’s essential to learn the rudiments of this quickly developing field.

To prosper in the fashion industry, one must have a keen eye for trends and styles – both global and indigenous. Besides an exquisite taste for trends, it demands creative thinking and basic illustrative skills. If you’re currently a 10+2 graduate and don’t have any of those skills but a passion to work in the industry, congratulations! You have figured out your dreams and it’s the perfect stage to acquire those skills by enrolling in a bachelor’s course in fashion design. Arch College is one of the top institutes for fashion design with a holistic learning environment aimed completely at equipping you for all aspects of the career; from the basics of textile design to the art of ramp walking.

Fashion Design is the craft of applying fashion, a creative mind, and regular magnificence to ensembles and way of life. Fashion design keeps on advancing through time with an assortment of social taste and cultural trends. A diverse range of clothing and adornments are made for the utilization of aptitude in

this field. New fashion styles are also created into various classifications including customized wearables (for masses, celebrities, and public figures) and costumes for films and media.

B. Des in Fashion Design, The ideal route to becoming a successful Fashion Designer:

The B.Des Fashion Design course offered by Arch College in affiliation with the University of Rajasthan is a comprehensive road to understanding the fashion industry and getting real-life exposure and experience. This four-year course enables the students to capture the knowledge of visual analysis as well as getting a thorough understanding of fashion and its history. This course includes the basic knowledge of communication studies, history of Art & Design, drawing techniques, design principles in its initial year. As the course progresses, students are trained in textile design, fashion illustration, CAD/CAM in fashion design, etc. By the end of their graduation, they acquire complete knowledge of Fashion Promotion, Marketing, Product Photography, Brand Development, Design Portfolio, etc.

All students from this course are actively involved in design projects, dissertation, internships

& industry experience as well. This unmatched curriculum prepares them for a variety of roles in the industry like generating a capsule collection of garments, the ability to research and utilize data for analysis & forecasting, developing design processes through experimental ideas, and deeply understanding the significance of global influence on contemporary fashion. These are some of the many invaluable learning outcomes that a student has to gain from a B.Des in Fashion Design from Arch College. It is due to this dedicated curriculum that we have created some of the best fashion designers in the country and will continue to do so.

Based fundamentally on fashion, fashion history, and setting, this course stresses the energy and significance of design thinking, while giving ideas of fashion advancement and industry transformation. The content in the program incorporates hypothetical and reasonable design viewpoints. The focus is also put on research and critical thinking that acquaints students with the assortment of necessary statistical information.

Students are urged to record, analyze, and break down the key factors which impact fashion universally, including biological, ecological, moral, mechanical, and tasteful elements. Students also find out about chronicled and contemporary craftsmen and designers. With the knowledge of these artists, they get an outline of how their work impacts current fashion, way of life, and cultures around the modern world.

Students are trained in developing techniques of analysis and forecasting via design projects in which they come up with inventive solutions. These projects are also responsible for helping them find their individual style. Apart from world-class techniques, the students are also taught economically sustainable manufacturing and choosing eco-friendly materials to be mindful of environmental care.


Out of the numerous programs offered across India, Arch College holds pride in the efficiency of its education and an undeniably great capacity for producing the most creative fashion designers from the country. The B.Des Fashion Design course is the perfect choice for aspiring design professionals as it prepares them to be revolutionaries in the field. Moreover, situated in the design capital of India, we have the advantage of giving our students invaluable knowledge from the indigenous history of fashion in the Pink City of Jaipur. We look forward to turning your aspirations into reality!