Arch Design Business Incubator Machineries


Owning a Brand, seeing her/his name on a Label is an ultimate dream that every Designer lives for. Every season, Designers showcase their latest creations that eventually make it from runways to store racks all over the world. While new Designers make names for themselves every year, this industry is not only easy to enter, but instead is the one that you must dedicate yourself to gain entry into. Designing as a career be it Fashion, Jewellery, Interior or Craft is challenging and rewarding that combines creative skills and analytical thinking.

Keeping this concept in mind, the Arch Academy of Design has come up with the Arch Business Design Incubator, a first of its kind initiative in Rajasthan, where you get a chance to convert your creativity into an expandable business opportunity. The Arch Business Design Incubator is a platform where you are continuously mentored by stalwarts of industry, where you get multiple opportunities to showcase your work, a platform which bridges the gap between you and the industry so that you are nurtured to grow as a Designer. The Arch Business Design Incubator also provides you the Financial Assistance, which you as a Young Designer may require to set up your own business. The program, thus connects you to the Angel investors who are ready to support your projects financially, so that you can best transform your ideas and work into your own entity. The program & facilities not only give you an opportunity to hone your skills but help you give shape to your inner ideas and develop them into your very own Creative Brand with hands on experience of the market & a thorough understanding of the latest trends and the integrities needed to have a Successful Business.

The Arch Business Design Incubator has been designed especially keeping the needs of a Young Designer in mind, be it Fashion, Jewellery, Interior or Craft Designing. It helps you decide and choose from the right mix of tools and provides the right guidance you may require as a Young Designer stepping out into the market and guides you as to how you can best utilise your skillset so as to be able to make a mark in the industry. It gives you a platform to make the most optimum utilisation of any opportunity that comes up so that you can see your dream come alive by setting up your own brand someday!

Arch Design Business Incubator Lab

The Arch Design Business  Incubator & Infrastructure

At Arch, we understand the various requirements a Young Designer might have and the challenges one may face while stepping into the market for the first time. Thus to make your launch as comfortable as possible, the Arch Incubator has been supported with a well equipped infrastructure and a fully designed studio. The Arch Incubator Studio has the latest equipment that include a Laser Cutting machine which is the best in the market  & can cut all materials with high precision, 3D Printers for making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file, a 3D Scanner – a device that analyses a real world object or environment to collect data on its shape and appearance , which data is then  used to construct an accurate three dimensional reproduction of the original object, a high speed Color copy machine from XEROX , Apple Mac computers and many more such tools because we only want the best for you.

So, if you have a knack for planning spaces, designing fashion apparel or trendy jewellery or if you wish to turn your hobby into a brand, then the Arch Incubator is the place for you. Instead of forcing your designing time into nooks here and there, you’ll start a business so you eat, sleep, breathe and most important, live off your hobby. It will link your Creative side with Business so that you can enjoy doing what you love the most and also make a name out of it!

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