Global Education

PROGRESSION: A new way to Global Education

Design is a very cultural phenomenon, influenced by tradition, heritage and sometimes even religion. Experiencing other cultures and how design works within them can open up a whole new realm of skills and knowledge, which can then be transferred across all that you do.

Global Education can be a great way to build a network with a range of different designers in many different locations. This opens up a whole world of possibilities for future work opportunities. Being able to travel while you learn more about your passion and career is a fantastic combination. Learning about other cultures, improving your communication skills, learning new design techniques is a great way of gaining invaluable experience.

BTEC Nationals are qualifications designed to provide highly specialist work-related qualifications in a range of vocational sectors. They give learners the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to prepare for employment. The qualifications also provide career development opportunities to higher education, degree and professional development programmes, provide progression opportunities within the same cognate or related areas of study within universities and other institutions. It gives you a qualification from a renowned university, abundance of teaching resources, enriching learning exposure that a modern and cosmopolitan society provides outside the campus and a top up Degree from one of the best universities across the globe. As per Edexcel norms, all students 16 years and above are eligible for the International Undergraduate level course and therefore, these aspirants have the incredible opportunity of culminating their studies at ARCH with a Level 6 Top Up Degree graduation in one year. As a Pearson-Edexcel authorized institution, Arch students can choose from more than 100 listed institutions in the UK & worldwide for such possible progression. Additionally, students taking up Fashion, Jewellery, Interior and Graphic Design can take a regular Degree courses from the University of Rajasthan.

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