Things to know about being a Designpreneur

Steve Jobs said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” In other words, design is a seed of any visualization brought to reality. Though it may be a specific process, the outcome is always worth it. Today in the global market of entrepreneurs, designers have switched onto a designpreneur mode (Much like a mix of entrepreneurs and designers). Now being a design aspirant, if one is looking for the answers to start a career as a designpreneur, usually, the first step begins by typing `Top Design Courses in India or abroad’ and later enrolling in one. But what’s next? Does that fit the learner into a designpreneur? Well, the answer is that all the learners can assure themselves of being an upcoming boss in their design careers just by understanding the following simple tips:

Embrace the not-so-perfect state – Challenges and obstacles are common during any creative process. No matter if the colour or texture matches the perfect image or not but keep putting in consistent efforts to achieve something unique and brilliant.

Develop a logical mindset – Being a designer and an entrepreneur requires a problem-solving attitude and great reasoning abilities. Entrepreneurs normally prepare multiple strategies by studying the trends and patterns of the market. The designpreneurs constantly leverage their strengths and resources to fulfil their goals by creatively modifying them. The learners need to adopt a goal-oriented mindset where the individual must learn how to think out of the box and lead towards a creative result.

Go for Broader picks: Nowadays, designers deal with many complicated issues. So it is important to become someone capable of dealing with business models and manufacturing units. Being a designer, the mind has to stay active compared to normal people. Yet to bring out a massive result, it’s important to collaborate with others as these designers would embrace the diversity by adding more knowledge and refining strategy.

Experience markets well – It is very important to remember that it’s not the designs that get sold. It’s the experiences. Ideally, the learner must concentrate on the onboarding and delivery process rather than only on the crafting skills. Try providing a conscious experience by embarking on a signature framework. One can do this by designing a memorable experience, including workflow, testing and refining, as it assists in tweaking the necessary details. The whole process will give confidence for the delivery of our products smoothly.

Turn into a time management samurai – The freedom as a designpreneur is deciding when to work and when not. To do that, individuals must create a proper structure for the daily proceedings. It will lead to generating maximum productivity, such as one can follow Parkinson’s law which states that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. This means the individual must schedule the time into intervals of leisure and play by abiding by strict timelines for work so that even the clients respect it.

Develop better relationships – Like the individual who is great at the gig economy will easily back up a good number of clients and projects. Yet this method has certain downfalls, like the intense competitors can offer even better work at lower prices. Also, the gig marketplace is designed where the relationship between the designer and client is based on transactions. It makes it difficult to look for the next gigs and ultimately create sustainable income.

Become the People – If the learner puts themselves in the shoes of their audience, then they can easily empathize and create a design solution which will address their issues. Additionally, as per the entrepreneurial strategy, the individual must meet the customers to communicate the design value and function. It may be a costly and time-consuming task that is ideally impossible for any individual because customers can be in huge numbers. Yet if the designpreneur uses non-scaleable techniques, it will help build loyalty among the customers and even provide valuable inputs about the products.


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