Women's Leadership in the Digital World

Women’s Leadership in the Digital World

Remarking women’s skills and intelligence which enables firm command in the digital world, a session titled “Women’s Leadership in the Digital World” was organised at the Rajasthan DigiFest on 19th of August by ARCH College of Design & Business at  Birla Auditorium. It emphasized on women’s unique role and their impact in the world of emerging technologies which ensure a brighter, developed and better future opportunities for everyone.

About the Panelists

The session was initiated with an intro of the panelists to the session who were;

  1. Ms. Neelofar Singh: Executive Chair, Women Mentors Forum, WMF Founder, Founder, Neelofar’s Exclusive.
  1. Ms. Archana Surana: Founder & Chairperson, Women Mentors Forum, Founder & Director, ARCH College of Design & Business.
  1. Ms. Ajanta Sen: Founder & Director ‘Jellow Lab’, Founder, Design In India Director, Solar Project.
  1. Ms. Sumeeti Mittal: Co-Founder & Director at Pratham Software Member of WMF.
  1. Ms. Yashika Khater: Mentor, Metaverse & NFT,  MIT- Harvard, USA, Crypto Content Creator.

The Women-Lead Era 

Ms. Neelofar Singh, holding her perception of women engaging digitization, focused on how the other respective panelists embraced digitization in their domains. While the panelists answered her queries accordingly, she appreciated and thanked them for their amazing speeches as they gradually proceeded further. 

Idea of Change

Ms. Archana marked that the idea of creating  Women Mentors Forum which this panel was powered by, was to bring the established and disciplined women leaders from various parts of the nation together with the vision of paying it forward. The basic scheme is to have the interdisciplinary understanding that we are capable of developing. 

Technology has always been crucial in enhancing different aspects of life. She focused on acquainting the students with newer technologies introduced to the international market where youth is responsible for a better future. With women participation, it will be ensured that there are broader chances of development and the future of India is way brighter when women give their best efforts in the technology oriented world. 

Recognising Unsung Women

Ms. Sen outlined the importance of a very unconsidered norm that whatever contribution there has been to the digital and technological world is all backed by credit to men and males of the field. Efforts of women have been neglected even if it were the core of the foundation. Women’s capabilities in the concept of digitization have never been recognized to its full potential. 

She also introduced the students, the panelists and others to a new and empowering term ‘her-story’ with reference to women’s contribution and impact in the history of technology, alongside ‘his-story/history’ referring to male contribution. It was observed that the terms and the concept behind them must go hand in hand. 

Women partaking in STEM 

Linking India’s recognition worldwide with the developmental era of technology and business, Ms. Sumeeti threw a broader beam at women’s participation in STEM education, apparently digitization. She signified women’s ratio of taking up STEM subjects from 2000 to 2022 increased to 35% as per Nasscom research studies. 

Encouraging the women students to come forth and step into the field of digitization where they can work together in harmony with males to structure a significant nation through technology, was her main focus. She also assessed how COVID has had few positive impacts on the digital world and unlatched vast options to the users of technology, including working, & married women. With the WFH concept, they can manage their personal life alongside their profession. 

Women and The Crypto-Verse

Ms. Yashika is one of the leading lady of the crypto world. She foregrounded women’s efficiency in the investment aspects stating that women are ‘wonderful investors’ knowing how to manage, save, and raise money at times. Further, it was elaborated how the value of Indian currency can be inflated through investment in jewellery, shares, property, & cryptocurrency to pool and grow money for its ancient value restoration.

Her focus was mainly to convince the viewers, primarily women, to step into the world of crypto and let the dice roll, turning the game on! Digitization, metaverse, parallel universe, crypto, VR, IoT and much more of modern tech has unparalleled potential to make the world how it is in the movies today in the next 10 years. ‘If a woman is educated, the whole family grasps the knowledge’ focused on women’s involvement in the digital world to excel as per future demands. 


The discussions incited the viewers, and participants where outstanding events and statements were marked by the panelists, zeroed primarily on women’s leadership in digitization. The session concluded with a quick round of question/answers exchanged among the candidates and the panelists on a satisfying note.