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Courses Duration Seats Certificate
B.Des Jewellery Design 4 years 25 Bachelor of Design (B.Des) from University of Rajasthan

Industry Overview

The Indian Gems & Jewellery Industry is the back bone of the economy by being one of the major contributors towards the export led growth of India. The industry has gained global popularity because of its talented craftsmen, its superior practices in cutting and polishing fine diamonds and precious stones and its cost-efficiencies.
With the creation of Brand India and looking towards a future where craft would meet the high end, our vision extends to evolve as torch bearers in Research, Development and Innovation in Jewellery and Accessory Design, with world class inputs in the design and crafting of such objects of desire along with the identification of trends and the development of forecasts.

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India is the largest consumer of gold Jewellery in the world. It accounts for about 20% of world consumption. India dominates the gold and silver consumption globally, with consumption of approximately 700 tonnes (gold) per annum. India also dominates the diamond processing trade with 11 out of 12 diamonds being cut and polished in India - an aggregate contribution of approx. 60% of the world’s supply in terms of value and 80% in terms of volume.
India shares 4% of the global Gems and Jewellery market, and is expected to touch a turnover of close to US$ 35 billion by 2015. Given the rising overall literacy rates in India, this sector is beginning to appreciate the need for education and the impact of such inputs on business. According to the National Skill Development Corporation, there is an expected demand for skilled personnel able to create multiple designs to meet customer needs. Requirements will also be linked with the ability to interact and work with foreign clients.
The industry contributes more than 14% towards the total export in India and provides employment to 1.3 million people directly and indirectly. The global market for gems and jewellery is over USD 100 billion with major contribution coming from India, Italy, China, Thailand and USA.


Jewellery Designing, Manufacturing and Trading has been an integral part of our society since time immemorial. And with it has evolved interest in Creativity, Precision, Knowledge of Precious and Semi Precious Stones that was initially confined to Royals and the upper crust of the society.
Historically, jewellery has evolved from body adornment to an art form.

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Jewellery Design is flourishing as a lucrative career like never before and Jaipur is a Design, Production & Market hub for jewellery. We have the Designers, the Craftsmen, the materials, the investments.

The course intends integrating the finer aspects of design, technology, materials and processes with the various levels of production from a precision orientation to vendor based manufacturing. Appropriate professional skills and attitudes to work within a commercial context is required to develop an understanding of the role and responsibilities of the designer/maker in a commercial context, including one-off and batch production, and to develop the ability to communicate 3D ideas. Therefore, 'live' briefs are considered & implemented where possible so that learners have an understanding of the relationship between the client, designer and producer/manufacturer.



The 4 year Undergraduate level course in Jewellery Design is one of the Flagship Courses of the ARCH Academy of Design. The course aims at integrating the finer aspects of Design, Technology, Materials and Processes with the various levels of Production from a Precision Orientation to Vendor based Manufacturing.
In this Jewellery Design programme, learners attain a high-level competence in controlling the creative process from inception to realisation.

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They are given the knowledge and understanding of the creative potential of materials and construction methods and are encouraged to explore widely and select appropriate manufacturing processes and finishing techniques. Learners approach design through 2D drawings, visuals, concept boards, technical drawings and through 3D work such as materials samples, maquettes, prototypes, scale models and fullsize final models. 3D computer applications are used to create visuals and to support drawings, model making and design development.

They explore the decorative and aesthetic potential of jewellery accessories and body adornment on the basis of theme based research, to support inspiration & to enable innovative outcomes. The formats for sustainability is important for any process linked with Design, and this understanding is shared in the form of Theory and Practice.

Learners gain a thorough understanding of historical and contemporary professional practice through visiting galleries, shops, trade fairs, exhibitions, and high profile retail fairs. Guest speakers, practical workshops and visits to professional studios, workshops and appropriate industrial sites help immensely to contextualise practical studies.
Links are nurtured with practising jewellers and other craft practitioners, artists and designers to deliver assignments to learners and to provide work experience and workshops/ master classes. Assignments are vocationally relevant and exciting ‘live projects’ guided by real life industry briefs, and representative mentorship from industry, are brought into the classroom to support the contents of the programme.


Elements of Design/ Visualization and Representation Techniques/ Nature Drawing / Human Figure Drawing/ Object Drawing/Geometry/ Perspective Drawing/ Isometric Drawing/ Orthographic Drawing/ Photography Visual Communication/ Ideas Generation and Development/ Contextual and Cultural Referencing/ Design Method/ Design Principles. Material Studies/ Business Mgmt/ Computer Fundamentals/ Communication skills.

Fundamentals of Jewellery Design/ History of Jewellery/ Computer Fundamentals/ Gemmology & Metallurgy/ Product Design/ Properties of 3-D Materials/ CAD applications (CorelDraw)/ Professional Practices in Art & Design
Design Project 1: Accessories and Body Adornment (Gold Jewellery of India)/ Light Metals in Art and Design/ Wood in Art and Design/ Glass in Art and Design/ Industrial Internship


Ceramic Design/ Lens-based Recording Techniques/ Basics of Jewel CAD/ Critical Study in Art & Design
Design Project 2: Project design - Implementation & Evaluation (Diamond Jewellery Design)
Design Project 3: Research Project (Fashion Jewellery design)/ Packaging in Graphic Design/ Specialist 3D Technology and Processes


CAD Applications for Jewellery/ Enameling Techniques/ Professional Portfolio Development & Presentation
Design Project 4: - Traditional Jewellery (Kundan Meena jewellery design)
Design Project 5: - Couture Jewellery(Range Development for International Luxury Brands)/ Entrepreneurship Skills Development/ Industry Internship

In general, at the completion of the course the student will
  • Understand the visual, tactile and decorative characteristics of jewellery materials
  • Understand the factors & principles relevant to Jewellery product design eg concept, ergonomics, form, function, aesthetics, trends, end user, lifespan, materials, manufacturing methods, costings, level of finish, testing, sustainability
  • Be able to respond to design requirements and to develop skills in planning and producing prototypes
  • Understand professional practice in jewellery design
  • Understand the connections between design management and manufacturing
  • Be able to create a portfolio of development work

Career Prospects

  • Designers in Jewellery Industry
  • Design & Product Development Managers
  • Accessory Designers
  • Trend Analyst, Merchandisers and Brand Managers
  • Bench Jewellers & Entrepreneurs
  • Sourcing Managers

Industry Speak

Rajeev Arora
Co-Founder, Amrapali Jewellery Pvt Ltd/ FDCI Member, Jaipur
I think that the alumni of Arch are a wealth to the Gems and Jewellery Industry. They have performed excellently and have made a niche for themselves

Abhishek Haritwal
Symetry,Haritson jewellery, Pvt.Ltd. Jaipur
Talented boys and girls are entering the field of Jewellery design and gems as it is an important industry. Arch Makes sure that the Indian jewellery designers are doing well in this competitive global sector

Alumni Speak

Vishnu Soni
2009-11, Sr. Executive-Design,
Fabulous Unrounds, Mumbai

It is an amazing feeling to know that my developments at present define the taste and products of Fabulous Unrounds

Priya Mehta Singhal
2007-10, Entrepreneur, Designer Label
By providing me with the right knowledge, guidance and exposure in the field of Gems and Jewellery, ARCH has given me the platform to make my life exactly the way I wanted.


  • Riddhi Chowdhary - Jewellery designed by Riddhi for ORRA was worn by Hollywood Celebrity at the Academy Awards 2014 (OSCARS). She is currently working with ORRA Diamond jewellery in Mumbai as a Designer.
  • Alpa Gupta – Currently based in the U.S, Alpa won 1st Prize for Pendant & Earrings set inspired from 'Orbit' - at 'Jewels of Rajasthan 2008 Jewellery Design Award'
  • Rupal Gupta - Finalist for ‘Medusa’ - at Swarovski Elements Jewellery Design Award 2012
  • Rita Burman - World Gold Council Jewellery Design Award for her Necklace and earrings
  • Akshay Agarwal - Currently working with SM Global ltd. Hong Kong won Nano car as 1st Prize in the 'Imagination 2012' Jewellery Design competition.
  • Vishnu Soni - 1st Prize for cufflinks inspired by a rolling mill at JAS Jewellery design competition 2011
  • Vidhi Singhani - 3rd Prize for cocktail earrings at JAS Jewellery Design awards 2013.

Placements & Internships

  • Amrapali Jewels
  • SM Global Ltd. Hong Kong
  • Indioro, Dubai
  • Vaibhav Gems Ltd.
  • Oriental Gems Ltd.
  • Derewala Jewellery Industries

  • ORRA Diamond Jewellery, Mumbai
  • Motisons Jewellery Ltd.
  • Jewels Emporium
  • Dwarka Gems Ltd.
  • Raniwala Jewellers
  • SYMETREE by Haritsons Group

  • Gitanjali Group Ltd
  • P. Mangatram, Hyderabad
  • Sambhav Gems Ltd.
  • Savio Jewellery
  • RHEAGems
  • Silvex Images Pvt. Ltd


Note : The contents and sequence of delivery are subject to change as per industry needs.