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ChrCha with Performing artist Cara Hagan


In this Chr-cha,  Ms. Cara Hagan; Assistant Professor of Dance Studies Appalachian State University USA  talked about the “ Versatility in the Performing Arts “ .  

Cara Hagan is a professional artist of many genres. She has had the pleasure of presenting her work on stage, on screen, and in educational settings across the US and abroad.

Sharing about her journey Cara said, “When I was 5 years old, I had decided that I was going to spend my life digging up dinosaur bones, traveling through outer space and making art of an ambiguous nature. At 13, I had a revelation, and one evening declared in the kitchen, “Mom, I want to bring dance to the PEOPLE!” Since then, I have been exploring exactly what I meant by that statement, and my explorations have led me on some amazing art journeys through the worlds of dance, film, music, storytelling, visual practice and yoga. I use these skills to make art of a performative nature in hopes that I can inspire people to play, converse and act in ways that incite change and make more compassionate communities.”

People from music, performing arts and design joined in the discussion.

Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk


March 5, 2016 –200 women assembled at Central Park in Jaipur for the tenth annual Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk, part of a global movement to inspire a rising generation through mentorship. The event in jaipur was held simultaneously in 87 cities in 57 countries.  Held in celebration of International Women’s Day, the Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk, brings together established women leaders (mentors ) and emerging women leaders (mentees ) to walk together .  As they walk, they discuss their professional challenges and success stories to establish a mentoring relationship. The Mentors thus help the Mentees gain a fresh perspective on their challenges and give suggestions and solutions.  This global movement highlights the importance of women’s leadership and the need to accelerate the impact of women leaders as well as prospects of emerging women.

The mentoring walk in Jaipur featured prominent local leaders including Chief Guest-Olympic Shooter Shagun Choudhary, Guest of Honour- Suman Sharma, Mahila Vibhag and Special Guest Princess Diya Kumari.

 Flag Bearer for the event in Jaipur   Archana Surana , Director Arch Academy  shared her views on the event . She said that ,  “The Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk is an opportunity for women in our community to unite around a common purpose. Together, we will pave the way for the next generation of women leaders.”

ChrCha Fashion & Location


Chr-Cha is a meeting point for all creators to share ever evolving & varied perceptions of the world. Karan Khurana, Lecturer and External Relations Officer at Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia was the Lead Speaker for the Chr-cha on the topic : Break the Barriers - Fashion & Location. Location has always had an influence on clothing styles and can be used as an important learning opportunity for design, textile and business . Thus , Students in fashion related disciplines must connect in a collaborative project with other students around the globe. This project is an exploratory study on seven university campuses as to , how students and people within the vicinity of the campus dress and the underlying reasons on why they choose to adapt to a particular way of dressing (including use of accessories, makeup and hair styles ) . the study also incorporates the responses from their peers in other locations.

The goal is to educate students about the views which forms the basis for dressing in various cultures, sub-cultures , as well as considering the views of individuals within these categories who create their own style within the broad style of their culture for individualistic presentation. Through the exchange of photographs, videos and texts, this exercise also provides a practical hands on experience , through social media as students can share information and interact with one another through a common platform .

Delegation from UK Universities at ARCH Academy of Design


Under the Art & Design Mission, British Council a delegation from UK Universities visited ARCH campus on 18th February 2016. The participating universities & topics were: 

1. Ian Farren, Plymouth University

Creative pedagogy and the making of a school, a new model of education heralded by Sir Nicholas Serota as, "... a defining moment in the development creative education, not only in the UK but across the globe." 

2. Dr. Martyn Woodward, Cardiff Metropolitan University

'Ontological Design': An International Design Ethos and an Introduction to Contemporary Design Philosophy

3. Megan Knight, University of Hertforshire

Careers in the Creative industry with special emphasis on Art & Design 

4. Delia Crowe, University Of Southampton

Sustainability and fashion Design

5. Jennifer Kumpelis,( Admissions Officer), Ravensbourne

The university delegates interacted with the students and faculty members and explored the ‘Potential areas of collaboration & opportunities for ARCH & its possible industry partners ’. The topics of discussion were:

I:    Academic Collaborations

II:   Research & Development & Project Consultancy

III:  Entrepreneurship, Funding Programs, Grants & Scholarships

IV:  Origination, Organization & Conduction of Joint Forums to cause Market Development for Crafts   

        and Design

 Talking more about the same, ARCH Director of Academics, Prof. Benoy Thoompunkal mentioned that  these collaborations will help in:

· Strengthening Faculty Skills

· Student Exchange

· Curriculum Development & Enhancement

· New Pedagogical Tools - Developing/ Acquiring/ Learning - for analysis, delivery and assessment

· Raising Awareness of developments in Market trends, Technology, Communication

Students also asked questions about progression and other opportunities available in UK in Art & Design.