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De Montfort University Global - student Exchange Programme


Jaipur is a city which is famous for music, culture, craft and the arts, as well as fabulous heritage sites. Students from De Montfort University - Leicester, UK, will be visiting India for an Exchange Program with Arch Academy of Design, in which the students will enjoy a unique learning experience. For exploring and learning about the things that interest them the most in new and exciting ways, the DMU Global students will get the chance to participate in social, & cultural programmes and get to visit craftsmen, museums, art galleries and historic sites of Jaipur among many other arrangements on the itinerary, which will enable them enhance their knowledge and get to know a small bit of India.

Chrcha on Design Communication


The Chr –Cha on Design Communication was live wire as it drew participants from a cross sectoral background to produce an integrated design communication strategy on Creative Economy with the state of Rajasthan on its radar. If “design” is a road map to actualize an idea then, at Chr Cha, teams comprising of professionals, stakeholders and students brainstormed to draw up tourism models ranging from religious to heritage. Experts were unanimous in stating that creative industries are centre stage in creating value in the desert state with Tourism as its USP. It was mooted that if the former will incubate local talent the latter will generate “creative” capital. 

Train The Trainers Workshop


The Arch Academy of Design conducted a session on Contextual Art & Design Communication for School Teachers on 27th March 2015. The session was part of the 2 years long, and continuing, collaborative project of the ARCH Academy of Design and Perth College, UHI, Scotland to develop & prepare a world class Design Communications course curriculum with specialization in the Creative & Cultural Industries. The lead faculty conducting the training were Christiana Margiotti, Subject Leader - Creative Arts & Technologies and Programme Leader - BAH Visual Design & Communications, Perth College UHI, Scotland; and Benoy Thoompunkal, Director Academics, ARCH Academy of Design. The session involved participants in a workshop aimed at evolving various perceptions regarding what constitutes meaningful ‘Representations of Jaipur/ Rajasthan’ in an exercise towards the Creation of an effective Branding for the state. 

Exhibition on Cross Cultural Design Communication


Under the UKIERI project ARCH academy of Design & Perth College, UHI, put up an exhibition on Cross Cultural Design Communication. The exhibition promoted the Art & Crafts of Indiastone carving, puppets, t r a d i t i o n a l jewellery, tie and dye etc. - done by the local craftsmen and artisans and was inaugurated by Ms. Silvia Constantini, First Counselor of the European Union in India.