Stress-Busting Design

We live in a world, where stress is destroying people’s peace of mind. People move away from cities and worldly materialistic life in order to avoid stress, meditate, go for therapies, spend time with their loved ones and try out so many different things to get rid of stress, but design can also act as a stress buster. Well-designed spaces can bring down stress and anxiety levels considerably and make things better for us!

Right light
The sort of light in a place affects mood. Ambient light or visible daylight may boost moods, while excessive or uneven light may lead to mental fatigue and glares or visual discomfort.

Just by looking at trees, flowers, mountains or water can reduce anger, anxiety and pain and relax us. This can be seen by examining of physiological changes in blood pressure, muscle tension, or electrical activity of heart and brain in healthy people.

Air Quality

If there is a lot of fresh air inside a space whether it is an office, a house or a building, it can affect the mood of people positively. Spaces that are enclosed and suffocating are going to make people stressed whereas airy spaces are going to relax people.

Eco-friendly Design Materials
Options are available including water based and zero VOC (solvents). It can be easy to overlook this element of design, but it can be considered before creating an office space.
Flooring is another area that one can consider for eco-friendly office materials which depends on building type and requirements for safety.

Furniture that has been made from recycled materials or materials that are non-toxic and natural are better suited for environment and the arrangement of furniture also helps in bringing down stress level.

Things used in daily routine must be well organized and it should be convenient to find them, whenever they are needed.

Designate a spot for keys, purses, and wallets: Ever been caught running late for office or an important meeting and you can’t find your wallet? A specific area can be designated for keeping these things, so as to be hassle free.

Colors of interiors, furniture, walls and objects around also create an impact on the mind and if proper color shades are used then they can give peace to mind and reduce stress remarkably.




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