All India Entrance Examination of Design

All India Entrance Examination of Design (AIEED)

Creativity is of utmost importance for providing unique solutions to solve problems through design. Today, working individuals must bring an approach that designs a solution and mere technical skills are insufficient for it. In the 21st century, creativity and flexibility are essential tools for designing solutions. At ARCH College of Design & Business, we groom the aspirants to turn their creative potential into design thinkers. They would be trained to take up complex design challenges towards an effective and experiential solution for the stakeholders.

To take a plunge into this college of design innovation, it would first be essential to undergo a test of eligibility. The test would check whether an aspirant has the right attitude, aptitude, passion, and bandwidth for creative pursuits. Thus the AIEED Exam is designed to ensure that the individual is a good fit and sure of their choice in taking up design studies. 

AIEED Overview

All India Entrance Examination of Design (AIEED) is a national exam conducted annually by the ARCH College of Design & Business. The exam is mainly conducted for those individuals who wish to check their aptitude for the design field. Unlike the exams conducted by many design institutes, the one at ARCH is a 24-hour online exam, for which the registration fee is 3000 rupees. 

Why is AIEED Important? 

Allows to Challenge your Abilities

As an individual, your creativity is not limited to drawing or painting. There are parallels to other creative skills that you may be good at such as dancing or solving puzzles, cooking, travelling, photography, etc. 

AIEED is designed to reveal your true creative potential. It nurtures your inner natural talents and uses them with an amalgamation of your acquired skill sets. It means you apply your experience and skills to solve the problem and become more self-aware. And above all, it is sheer fun to undergo this test, the feeling that is testified by almost all the previous candidates.

Express Your Perception 

There is no bigger platform available than AIEED, where you can express your points fully. The various steps of the AIEED exam pattern require an individual to put forward a variety of skill sets. In other words, it questions that will determine how well you explain the problem and its solution. 

Enables Holistic Assessment

In the AIEED exam, aspirants are allowed to project their views. The ARCH website provides individuals with a sample paper for AIEED. It tests you at all levels. If you find the exam challenging, you may take the original test. 

AIEED Screening Process: The Portfolio of Abilities 

As a part of the process, you need to give a detailed description of yourself in the form of a short, approximately two-minute video film. The video must involve your interests, abilities and skills. As the name suggests, it should give a complete idea of your routine actions and observations and how well you explain them. It will determine where you land based on your mental ability and give us a picture of your interests. 

Learn Learn Learn 

The ARCH sample exam allows you to learn and unlearn things. We often turn a dead eye to certain things that become routine, and it is where we stop learning new things. Improvising the said condition requires an open mind that does not stay stuck to various bygones. 

Write About Yourself 

Another element of this exam involves writing a description of who you are and what urges you to take up design as a career. It will be essential for determining how you put forward your points. We wish to know you entirely to choose why you want to pursue the design field. 

Group Discussion 

The final stage consists of a group discussion in the ARCH College of Design & Business’s unique test. It involves all the aspirants who wish to get admission to the college. The candidate should have the ability for expression and articulation, which can be determined at this stage. 


The AIEED exam is a national-level exam for design aspirants. Several institutes conduct exams to check the eligibility of candidates to get admission and aspirants can choose various design courses after passing the AIEED exam with the proper cutoff marks requirements.