Accessories Designing Courses

How to make a bright career with Accessories Designing Courses?

The modern-day world has abundant career opportunities, credit to technological advancements. Today, one can find a variety of options to choose from rather than the conventional options of engineering, MBBS doctor or Lawyer. Multiple creative courses such as designing, digital marketing, professional writing, etc are available in Universities and preferred by learners worldwide. One such interesting course is Accessories Designing Course

The fast-paced lifestyle today has levelled up the sense of fashion designing. Fashion is no longer limited to the design of shoes and clothes. Fashion design has evolved over the years to include accessories like bags, belts, jewellery, shoes, and key chains.  As a result, a specialised apparel subdomain called Accessory Design has made a place in the market. 

What is Accessory Designing?

The Indian fashion industry is expected to grow by 10-12 per cent over the next few years, with a considerable focus on the design of accessories. Hence, it will provide opportunities for accessory designers.

The concept of accessory designing involves the combined use of various attires and relevant items such as jewellery, shoes, footwear, purses, and head/hair accessories to design or create trend-worthy elements. In this course, learners work with precious metals, clay, paper, plastic, and leather to produce appealing items and practice the art of accessory creation. Accessory designing requires aspirants to use their talents, creativity, and expertise to produce and design jewellery, shoes, hats, belts, scarfs, and so on. To make a career in this field, in-depth knowledge of designs and their interpretation, and an understanding of accessories are necessary. At ARCH College of Design and Business, our experts ensure that any student willing to pursue the course and work on it should develop these skill sets. 

Eligibility & Skills Required 

To pursue an Accessory design recognized course, the students should have at least passing marks in 10+2 from a  board/university. Postgraduates can also apply for the same. To apply, aspirants must take the AIEED examination to get admission to ARCH College of design and business to a variety of design Degrees. The procedure is extremely competitive, and to become a designer, an applicant must begin preparing from the beginning. Upon completion of the course, applicants are allowed to specialize in any area of design.

The Accessories designers must possess some skills to secure themselves a good position in the field. Some of the major skill sets are listed below:

  • Accessory designers must be extremely creative to create fresh and unique designs for numerous accessory products. 
  • Good knowledge of computer-aided procedures and tools, such as CAD, is required for accessory design. 
  • Communication skills are necessary to connect with clients, understand their needs, and communicate specifications to the production crew. 
  • Accessory designers must pay close attention to detail since they work with a variety of materials and standards. 
  • Understanding market requirements and marketing finished goods are necessary abilities for a successful career as a designer.

Apart from this, an accessory designer needs to have an original thought process and should be able to come up with innovative and new ideas. They should have unique artistic and visualisation skills to think out-of-the-box ideas. Knowledge of raw materials is yet another important factor. Thus, the designer must follow a checklist about all the keynotes, and keep up with the market trends to have specific knowledge of their work. 

Career Prospect

The accessory design program assures a promising career path given the recent trends in the jewellery and accessories market that are on a rise. Accessory designers may find work in fashion houses, export firms, jewellery design houses, freelancing projects, and even build their businesses. At ARCH, we provide the right impetus required for an individual to develop an entrepreneurial vision. 

Accessory design is one of the occupations with several opportunities both in India and across the world. Accessories might be anything from a backpack to a belt or a wristwatch. In the next few years, competency in accessory designing careers will rise notably. Globally, the fashion accessories industry is expected to increase at an annual pace of 6.5 per cent, between 2018 and 2023.  Accessories play an important part in enhancing the fashion appeal and serving the presentation needs.


The Indian accessory designing market is facing a stiff demand for better-quality designers. The fashion and celluloid industries are the market’s primary growth drivers. Accessory designing is an interesting career that requires advanced creativity levels and unique design inputs. Individuals who find interest in accessory items and their designs, and have a good knowledge and awareness of the change of trends in the same can make a career choice to learn and practise the art of accessory designing. 

Higher education is much more than a graduate degree. At ARCH College of Design & Business, we strive to contribute value to the willing individuals to learn more about design. The accessory design sector requires the aspirants to use creativity, innovation, research, and quality-conscious efforts in both the creation and business of designer accessory items. Our experts assure the same by conducting sessions with students to teach them how to envision design in accessory items. ARCH College of Design and Business is the apex of delivering excellence, motivating students by providing the right exposure to contemporary Indian crafts and recent trends alongside.