Interior Design Courses

Top Amazing Interior Design Courses after 12th

In the present era, there has been a rise in preference for creative careers. Also, the onset of design culture is an essential factor to increase the relevant opportunities. Some popular career choices that require an innovative mindset consist of Digital marketing, graphic designing, interior designing, Copywriting, social media managing, etc. A number of design aspirants appear for various entrance exams every year to pursue degree programs in design fields. Many colleges offer Bachelor’s and master’s degree courses. 

Keeping the rising career opportunities in mind, several students opt for design courses as their career choice. The interior designing degree program is one such degree program that is still a widely preferred design course. If you have recently completed the 12th grade and are looking for an interior design college in Jaipur, you should enroll yourself for the AIEED exam conducted by the ARCH College of Design and Business. Discussed below are some interior design courses

Bachelor in Design (B. Des) 

Adhering to the design thinking principles, the 4-year degree program provides aspirants with the proper knowledge to deal with design problems. Through the course, students are trained to learn about the recent trends that prevail in the market. At ARCH, all students are chosen to work in a team under the leadership of design professionals to apply the class theory. 

By pursuing the B. Des degree, the aspirant gains significant practical knowledge to instill problem-solving skills. The learners learn solution designing based on the need, and develop the right design thinking attitude that makes them competent in the design industry. 

BA International (2 +1 Abroad Study)

The design thinking culture has become popular among design aspirants who wish to have the experience of studying outside India. The Fast Track International design course in Interior design is a course where the learners can avail a year of study at some place outside of India. The foreign university is generally the one that is in collaboration with ARCH College of Design & Business.

It is possible after completing the initial two years successfully at the campus of ARCH. In the third and final year of the degree program, the designers are handed their Bachelor’s degree.  The Bachelor of interior design course provides the aspirants with the proper knowledge of creating spaces with an aesthetic and functional sense. Interior designers work in Homespaces, offices, events, exhibitions, commercial hubs, etc. Interior designing consists of roles such as space designer, lighting designer, furnishing designer, etc. The BA International degree program provides students with the proper technical knowledge to increase competence. 

Bachelor of Vocational in Interior design

The B. Voc in Interior design program is an innovative way to inculcate creative skill sets in design aspirants. In the 3-year degree program, students are provided with the necessary base to view things from a first-hand perspective. Here students learn how entrepreneurs think and act. It helps them analyze this mindset and execute unique solutions for the best outcomes as an interior space designer. The recent trend of start-ups has made this course popular among those wishing to become a self-developed enterpreneur. 

Elements such as human perception, technical knowledge, and understanding of the surroundings are the key takeaways from this degree program. The awareness of user intent takes a student a long way ahead in terms of progress through this degree course. 


A degree in Interior design courses provides ample opportunities to add new practical skills, soft skills, technical knowledge and a more detailed understanding of the subject. 

Designers can find job roles ranging from design consultants and entrepreneurs to event and exhibition, residential and commercial interior designers. Also, design strategists, trend analysts and social media handle designers are quite popular among pass-out freshers in the design field. 

Our entrance exam AIEED SAT is conducted annually to admit design aspirants from all over the world. If you are looking to enter the design field giving some entrance exams, it is important to know how to crack them. 

To prepare for design entrance exams, ensure that you have solved at least five previous year’s question papers. It helps improve the focus and evaluate one’s learning and recollection skills. And most importantly, keep regularly practising, which gives a clear idea about the student.

At ARCH College of Design & Business, our focus is to ensure that the design aspirants find the proper guidance to realize their dreams for real. We provide that there is no loophole left in developing a problem-solving attitude. Through doubt-solving sessions, we train our students to excel in their fields of design. Also, students are assessed using one-on-one interview sessions at regular intervals.