Jewellery Designing Skills

Best Ways to use your Jewellery Designing Skills

If you look at the history of India, jewellery has played an important role in defining the beauty and artwork of society. They are not just pieces of ornamental adornment but work of art which defines the history, culture, beliefs, fashion and trends of different times.

These wearable ornaments are treasured by people forever. Now designers are exploring ways to blend historical designs with new trends.

The bachelor in jewellery design program would be ideal for you if your interests lie in designing wearables like neckless, earrings, rings, etc made of precious and semi-precious stones like pearls, crystal, gold, silver or platinum. You might be an aspiring designer who would love to make jewellery or a jeweller working for a lifelong dream of being one. Either way, the love for jewellery designing requires skills and vision to make them practical and perfect and this is the training given during the bachelor’s course in jewellery design

How can you start your career?

Some of you get interested in jewellery designing through your family background, influences and culture. The Rajasthani culture carries a wide variety of jewellery from royal to simple designs. These designs aspire to create a royal and elegant look with your creative and imaginative thinking.

Success in this field depends on the ability of the designer,  craftsmen and the material used by the creator to display the spark in their style and design. 

The important thing is the willingness of the learner who is passionate about jewellery design can further be provided with the right skills in our bachelor of jewellery design course program

How to become a student to professional jewellery designer?

The journey from passion to profession in jewellery design is long. Even if you have a lot of creative ideas and vision, you need to work on your skills, and this takes time and good training.

The jewellery is often made with precious metals and stones, which are hard to extract from nature, making them costly. This expensive nature of jewellery makes employers a little conscious about hiring professionals with less experience in jewellery design. The most important thing that matters in the industry of designing, especially in jewellery designing, is experience. It would be better for learners to gain experience in designing jewellery while pursuing courses from a jewellery design college in India.

Before you decide to work in your workplace or business, you have enough experience and specialisation in the industry.

How to put your jewellery designing skills to good use?

After learning the required skill in the craft of jewellery designing, many thinkers need clarification about what and how they should do it. This job requires different responsibilities according to the workplace. They can work on bulk orders or customised orders. The work pressure of every order is different from others. Here is a list of some responsibilities jewellery designers should fulfil as daily duties where they can use their skills. 

  • A jewellery designer is supposed to draft a design on paper or computer software before any processing can start.
  • They must select and assess the quality of metal and gemstones like emerald rubies, sapphires, diamonds, pearls etc. It helps to decipher the material quality and price.
  • Using wax models to infer their design and analyse any scope for improvement.
  • They use wax models to guide when they cast new pieces in metal.
  • Designing tailored pieces of jewellery according to customer requirements.
  • Jewellery designers are responsible for formulating the final finish in the jewellery by ensuring proper polishing, smoothening and cleaning of jewellery. It is important because it will determine the wearer’s comfort level and exert real shine on art pieces before they launch in the market.

These rules are interchangeable according to the size of the company. In small companies or jewellery stores, designers must finish the product themselves. Still, in contrast to larger companies, their step to managerial roles includes overseeing production and ensuring proper operation.

You can work on your own by setting up an online or offline store or walk into other companies or small business stores. 

Jewellery designing is a lucrative career option for creative minds and those who believe in learning a new skill to create an exquisite design. But a zeal to learn is one of many important things to establish a career in jewellery designing; aspiring designers must learn the skills important to create jewellery from their imagination to the practical world. ARCH College of Design & Business, Provides the right guidance and helps learners to refine their creative and imaginative power to create masterpieces and build a successful design career. Arch has trained several students in becoming professionals who have now had years of experience and fine vision for the intricacies of jewellery design.