MA in Digital Design degree programs

What Degree Courses do I need to become a UI/UX Designer?

The continuous upgradation of the technology is a key factor responsible for the onset and efficient functioning of digital platforms.Today, a large number of people view digital modes as preferable choices to carry out routine activities such as payments, shopping, and much more. Due to this sector’s growth, digital options have seen a further rise in their existence and working. For this, Designers are necessary in every other field and sector with a relevant job role. 

Web design, user-friendly web interface and smooth running of the website elements are some roles that a digital designer may undertake. Over and above this, the most important factor is the experiential feel of navigating through any website or mobile application. It is for this that the role of digital designers becomes very significant and important and in much demand. 

The importance of designing websites or apps based on user-intent and experience is increasing rapidly, almost daily.. Brands and commercial businesses need designers who can track customer experience and provide design inputs based on the same. 

User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design careers have seen a notable rise in catering to these needs and the profession is much in demand in the rapidly growing digital based world. As a result, aspirants are now looking to set their careers in this field through academic degree programs. 

Which Courses make me Eligible for a UX/UI Designer career? 

UX/UI designing is still a fresh field, ensuring sufficient job opportunities; UX/UI-based core programs are still very few. These include Human-computer interaction, interaction design, and information architecture. 

However, to make a career in UX/UI design, there are some majors that you can opt for: 

  • Behavioral Psychology
  • Computer science 
  • Design 
  • Industrial design
  • Anthropology 
  • Ergonomics
  • Graphics design

These majors allow some concentration in UX design as the concepts of the two overlap. In case you have worked in some technical jobs earlier, here is how the experience could transform into your UX/UI skills: 

  • Customer service > user empathy
  • Quality assurance (QA) > usability testing
  • Academic research > user research
  • Copywriting > UX writing
  • Graphic design > user interface design (UI)
  • Technical drawing > wireframing

Course offered by ARCH College of Business and Design

At ARCH College of Design & Business, we ensure students know their dream careers properly. Several creative, need-based jobs, such as UX/UI design, book cover design, 3D design, packaging design, etc., have been in the spotlight in the last few years. However, these careers do not have a specific core program introduced for them, as of yet. 

For such career prospects, we take special care by offering the BA in Digital design and MA in Digital Design degree programs. These programs are International degree programs. After completing the first two years, learners have the opportunity to complete their final (third and fourth, if pursuing a master’s) year outside India. 

Students will be awarded their final degrees through the University outside India as allotted, in agreement with ARCH College or PEARSON. Students can develop their skills to be eligible in any design field from those mentioned above. 

What are the roles of a UX and UI Designer? 

The User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designers ensure that a website functions smoothly. A website has to be developed keeping the written content, elements, widgets, tabs as per user-intent. This job is ensured by UX and UI designers. The functions of UX/UI designers include:

  • Illustrating and assessing design ideas through flow diagrams. 
  • Collecting and arranging user needs more simply in coordination with engineers and product managers/manufacturers.
  • Designing and checking the live elements such as widgets and menu tabs. 
  • Ensuring user-intent-based navigation features. 
  • Identifying and troubleshooting problems. 
  • Conducting UI mockups and making adjustments as per feedback
  • Preparing and presenting rough drafts to internal teams. 
  • Creating original graphic designs. 


Today, brands have realized the importance of keeping user expectations and needs in mind when designing a website. A significant chunk of the budget goes into user awareness and brand image activities such as marketing, digital campaigns, and brand image development. Among the many innovations of recent times, the introduction of digital platforms and the internet have been of great use. Businesses and brands of all levels and types can now easily collect and store user data, assess it and promote their services and products via the right platforms. To ensure the best promotion, knowing where, what and how of the user-intent while designing a website is essential. 

To develop a career in UX/UI designing, it is vital to develop good communication skills as a basic necessity. Also, staying up with the trends in technical and creative fields of web designing and functionalities is essential. At ARCH College of Design & Business, our experts ensure students learn through the right attitude and develop a design thinking mindset.