Bachelor of Interior Design

What can you achieve with a Bachelor of Interior Design?

In the 21st century, several changes have been observed in the lifestyles of individuals. Among the many modifications observed, a notable amount of changes are kept in the design sector. Many trends have come up recently in the design sector; a notable one has been the demand for interior designers.

Interior designers design space for domestic and commercial setups to give it an aesthetic view using attractive lighting, colours, and themes for walls, furnishings, show pieces and other accessories. The Bachelor of Interior Design course is a four-year-long degree programme.

A degree of Bachelor of interior design can be one of the most potential career choices an individual makes. You can search the web for the Best Interior Design Colleges in Jaipur. Due to the need for better house design due to lifestyle changes and the value addition of the space, designers have had a great demand. These designers should be able to create a space that makes an instant appeal factor. Along the same lines, for a commercial setup, marketing strategies demand a better ambience to attract clients and potential buyers immediately.

Discussed below are some careers that you may choose as an interior designer.

Space Designer

As an interior space designer, you will be expected to give an aesthetically pleasing ambience to a limited space provided to you. Staying within the allotted budget, you can arrange furnishings, position the lighting and colours of the space, and place accessories wherever your design instinct suggests. The spaces assigned to you could be domestic or commercial spaces such as cafes or restaurants.

Keeping up with the trends is necessary for space designers as clients’ needs could vary based on the recent trends or themes. For instance, when the multiplayer online game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was in trend for a couple of years, several commercial setups earned quite a massive sum by hiring designers who would design their space to give the game sense in their ambience.

Exhibition Designer

In the 21st century, marketing trends have evolved notably. Owing to these trends, brands have realized the importance of events and exhibitions to find their target audience. Further, these events are usually attended by the investors or buyers themselves. Businesses generally hire exhibition designers to interact with them directly and create a reasonable opinion of the brand image. A significant role of these designers involves understanding the audience types based on their demographic information such as age, gender, race, etc.

It further includes arranging trendy colourful items and creating a theme for the client’s requirements. Also, the exhibition designer decides even the main exhibit decor and arrangement. It is essential to convey the right message and mood to the attendees based on the knowledge about the client’s needs. Besides staying updated with the latest trends, designers may create a theme of their own. It helps to create a long-lasting and positive opinion about the brand.

Kitchen Designer

A kitchen designer has one of the most exciting job types. Designing a kitchen involves the arrangement of items and utensils and takes care of functional needs. With a combination of function and aesthetics, Kitchen designers should also be aware of the operation and functionalities of various kitchen wares.

Lighting Designer

As the name suggests, a lighting designer has the fundamental role of ensuring that the space is well-illuminated. A well-lit place grabs the attention of the onlookers instantly. It is a factor that needs to be kept in mind when designing the interiors of any residence or building. Secondly, the type of shades used should match well with the themes of the houses. Understanding the right lumination type with their respective shade palettes is an essential role of a product designer who deals with illumination and its impacts.


Knowing about the brand you are to decorate is an essential factor. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, the popularity of creative fields such as interior design and its variations are gaining. An interior designer has several tasks; keeping a check on the space and furnishings and the illumination of the space is necessary.

As the era advances, it is essential to note that interior designers will be increasingly in-demand. The ARCH College of Business and Design provides a four-year degree program for a Bachelor of Interior Design course. Our experienced teachers guide students through the curriculum and various activities that help develop creativity and holistic development. So if you next look at the Interior Design college in Jaipur, you will find the ARCH college at the top of the results.