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It’s an era of technological advancements. As the tools have evolved, so have the career paths to choose from. Rather than the conventional options, several creative field options have opened up for students. Digital marketing, graphic designing, and copy writing are examples of these fields. This blog will discuss the various aspects of graphic design as a career pathway.

Graphic Design

If you are someone who loves to create visual content for communicating messages, graphic design is the right career choice for you. Photographs, colours, illustrations, and logos are some assignments that a graphic designer undertakes.

Graphic designers have creative freedom. Today, this profession has been in great demand as every small and big business needs one for their brand design. Fortunately, India has some of the Best Graphic design colleges, quite in line with the rest of the world..

This rise in demand has been equally balanced by many people opting to study this creative field. A bachelor’s degree in this allows one to find diversifications in graphic design. The various options in this include:

  • Marketing & advertising
  • User interface
  • Publication
  • Packaging Art
  • Illustration


The graphic design career has many branches. By using the knowledge gained through a degree program, it is possible to work in the following roles:

Graphic Design

The job includes a wide variety of layouts and graphic image designs for various brands, product illustrations and websites.

Further, a graphic designer can also be handed over the responsibility of suggesting the design concepts while the technical teams run the entire campaign by offering creative inputs.

Creative Director

Creative directors are assigned to assist in the overall product or campaign creation process. Their central role is to ensure that the aesthetic sense is not lost. The role demands leadership and HRM skills at large.

UX and UI Designer

The critical aspect of taking up these roles is knowledge of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). A UX designer has to set up a product’s linking patterns and flow consistency. In other words, a UX designer must ensure that the product flows in a step-by-step sequence in a smooth, use friendly way. Some key aspects require knowing how the user would expect or behave.

A UI designer has to ensure that all the pages and elements on the website communicate well with the user. It is an integral part of UX. The role of the UI designer is to ensure that the path laid down by the UX designer does not get disturbed due to some internal error.

Know more about Bachelor’s degree in Graphic design

The Graphic design bachelor’s degree, with the proper knowledge, could earn you a good salary package. However, getting admission to a university for starting your Graphic design program is a prerequisite to passing out either of the following entrance exams.

  • Pearl Academy entrance exam
  • IIAD entrance exam
  • TDV entrance exam
  • NID entrance exam

Anyone who has completed their 10+ program is eligible for the Bachelor’s degree in Graphic design. If you have a creative mind that needs the right direction, here’s the degree you are looking for.


As we have seen, a degree in graphic design does not limit you to a couple of options. There are multiple varieties of roles one could opt for. A career in design is not limited to colours, drawing and images, and it requires a mind capable of designing solutions that are flexible and easy to operate. Various entrance exams are available to enter this vast field.

To prepare for design entrance exams, ensure that you have solved at least five previous year’s question papers. It helps improve the focus and evaluate one’s learning and recollection skills. And most importantly, keep practicing regularly. The practice of the entire syllabus will help in the end.

At ARCH College of Design & Business, we ensure that the design aspirants find the proper guidance to realize their dreams for real. We provide that there is no loophole left in developing a problem-solving attitude. Our expert faculties ensure this by conducting doubt-solving sessions. Also, students are assessed using one-on-one interview sessions at regular intervals. Our entrance exam AIEED is conducted annually to admit design aspirants from all over the world.