BA Interior Design

BA Interior Design – What can you achieve with it

The 21st century has been an era of advanced technology and expression, and art still remains to be the best form of expression. As technology has advanced, so has the demand for art and design, carefully giving character to technology for human use.

Today, all activities from brand marketing to residential design require one or the other design form, which has prompted opting for these creative career options over contemporary ones.

Interior Design

As part of architectural academics, the interior design course revolves around making an empty space as comfortable and functional as required. It involves a combination of aesthetics, architectural principles, lighting, and furnishings. Restaurants, homes, corporate offices, healthcare centers, etc are some assignments that an interior designer may undertake.

Today, several students are opting for a BA degree in interior design. Interior designers are known to earn design specialization in areas like:

  • Healthcare facility design
  • Commercial design
  • Cultural design
  • Sustainable building design
  • ???

To qualify as an interior designer for any space, the designer needs to have good knowledge about areas such as Safety concerns, Building regulations, Architecture, construction, HVAC, furnishings, furniture, various domestic equipment and gadgets, anthropometry, ergonomics, material knowledge, arts and decor, landscaping, graphic design, etc

Careers in Interior Design

Having a degree in Interior design does not necessarily mean you have to work as an interior designer. Many industries offer roles that suit well for an interior designer. Discussed below are some such careers in interior design.

  • Exhibition

An exhibit designer is responsible for making significant decisions regarding the display and theme of the main exhibit. Such designers are usually hired by museums, art galleries, libraries, and historical artifact owners.

Creating layouts, installing the exhibit, and deciding the design around the exhibit item are some critical functions of an exhibition designer. Sometimes, the exhibition designer is also assigned the role of floor management operator.

  • Lighting

In this area of work, designers are responsible for adding adequate lighting to the space to create appeal and visual ergonomic comforts. For this, a knowledge of schematic designs and decor themes is essential.

An overall knowledge or awareness of the types of lighting, illuminates, and shades available in the market can be of great help to a professional. Knowledge about basic wiring or working with a qualified electrician is highly recommended for this field.

  • Kitchen

A kitchen designer usually works in coordination with architectural designers or contractors. This role demands the designer to look after both the aesthetics, ergonomics and the functional needs.

A Kitchen designer must be aware of a kitchen’s working conditions, related equipment, gadgets and devices, along with maintenance and operability of the space required.

  • Furniture

Furniture is a critical element of any household interior. The role of a furniture designer is multi-dimensional, like that of an interior designer, and it involves planning and drawing, designing prototypes and models for the same.

Custom furniture has been in trend for quite some time now, where furniture designers play a significant role. Knowledge of craftsmanship, carpentry, wooden items, metals and textiles is of great value for furniture designers.

Skills required to be an Interior designer

To become a successful interior designer, one must possess key skills that help design.

  1. Design Thinking Capabilities

A designer should have a sense understanding user needs, using empathetic approach and arriving at workable and effective, innovative solutions.

  1. Communication skills

An interior designer has to be capable of communicating well and expressing one’s opinion. A designer must work with various other designers, architects and business owners. Skills such as technical drawing, CAD, presentation software, knowledge of design tools and space design are other important skills for an interior designer. Our 2 + 1 course involves the opportunity to study along with training in all the skills mentioned, where the first two years are at the Arch college and the final year at a college outside India which is , in collaboration with ARCH College of Business & Design.

  1. Keeping up with the Trends

Design is an essential element that separates two campaigns or products from each other. Interior design has become a competitive business, so it requires knowledge of the latest trends. It could help you gain the upper hand, hence increasing your demand.


As the number of design aspirants rise, the culture of design thinking has seen a notable rise all around the globe. At ARCH, learners can pursue a Fast track International design course in interior designing.

In this program, students are offered an opportunity to pursue the final year at a foreign university. The university chosen is in collaboration with ARCH.To avail this benefit, it is important to complete the initial two years successfully. At ARCH College of Design & Business, our experts focus on nurturing and further leveraging the skills of design aspirants. Through doubt-solving sessions, we train our students to excel in their fields of design by training and equipping them with the necessary skills for this field.