Fashion Design Courses After 12th

Fashion Design Courses After 12th – What are your options available?

Fashion designer Coco Chanel, considered to be one of history’s most famous designers, said: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” There are plenty of employment opportunities in the fashion industry, which offers a wide range of career paths to people who are creative geniuses and passionate about fashion. And, fashion design courses are a great place to start for aspiring fashion designers.


The Fashion Design course at ARCH aim to engage students critically with the subject of fashion in all its forms through a process which incorporates artistic, technical, theoretical and practical elements; in essence, combining fashion with creativity, entrepreneurship, technology, and market awareness.

ARCH College of Design & Business offers multiple pathways to pursue your course in Fashion Design. After 12th, ARCH offers 2 graduation pathways: 1. B.DES DEGREE in Fashion Design from the UNIVERSITY OF RAJASTHAN; and 2. FAST-TRACK B.A/M.A STUDY ABROAD DEGREE which provides certification of PEARSON BTEC Level 5 HND (FASHION DESIGN).

At ARCH, you’ll gain further skills and knowledge through fashion design courses that will help you channel your creativity and talent in a way that will allow you to best utilise the opportunities in the fashion industry.

These fashion design courses aim to provide students with proficiency in different areas of the fashion industry. As part of the program, students will be exposed to various design disciplines, such as creative design, technical design, merchandising management, and fashion marketing. Students are taught in a way that allows them to combine theoretical concepts with their creative ideas. As part of the course, they are further aligned with technical, business and entrepreneurial practices.

A significant component of the course is the creation and presentation of portfolios and stage fashion shows. The courses prepare students for creating their own signature style and taking advantage of the enormous potential of the fashion industry by developing the necessary skills. Not only are the students trained in designing apparel, but also in presenting and marketing it.


In affiliation with the University of Rajasthan, ARCH offers this 4-year course that covers the basics such as Fashion Sketching, Pattern Making as well as skills development such as Textile, Construction Techniques, Design Principles to Merchandising, Research & Development for Fashion Design, Industry Exposure, Garment Manufacturing, Computer Application- CAD CAM, Projects and Professional Practice in Art & Design (Design Portfolio & Identity).


ARCH is a premier Pearson BTEC learning centre and is the only design institution in India offering International Progression Routes to a B.A/M.A degree. The Fast Track courses are combined master’s programmes with a Bachelor’s degree.

For this course, after successful completion of the first 2 years of the BTEC Level 5 HND at ARCH, students progress directly into the 3rd year of BA fashion design course abroad which awards into a Level 6 ‘top up’ degree in one year, from any of more than 100 Pearson listed universities worldwide, including US, Canada, South Africa, Mauritius, UK and Europe and other global Universities. After completing Graduation students can opt to complete a further M.A Degree in 1 Year from the same institution abroad.


Whether conceptualising, sketching, designing, creating garments, dressing models, or designing fashion shows, all fashion industry stages require the services of a fashion designer.

Among the interesting career paths, you could possibly pursue are fashion design, textile design and markets within the industry, such as fashion journalism or consulting. Various other fashion niche careers include men’s clothing, bridal wear, luxury wear, knitwear and active sportswear. Alternatively, you might choose to work in fashion marketing and sales.

You can pursue your dream by enrolling in a fashion design course. APPLY FOR AIEED

Postgraduate degree in Fashion Designing offered by ARCH:

MASTER’S IN DESIGN ENTREPRENEURSHIP with Specialisation In Fashion Design from Rajasthan ILD Skills University

Short-Term Courses in Fashion Designing offered by ARCH :

Fashion Illustration Course, Fashion Draping Course, Pattern Making & Garment Construction Course , Fashion Illustration & Design Course, Computer-Aided Fashion Design Course, Diploma In Fashion Design Course.

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