Design Bloggers

There are plenty of reasons which make a designer go for blogging. Almost all leading designers in the world in the spheres of fashion, interior, product, graphic, jewelry etc. have a very strong online presence.

Let us find out why a designer needs to blog!

Designers are creative individuals, who are always searching for feedbacks and opinions of others about their designs. When a designer gets opinions of people from all over the world (that too for free). He can improve upon his creation and make it even better.
Another reason can be to become more popular and let the world know what a design is all about. If a designer will not have a strong presence on social media, he might not be able to connect to a large audience and gain popularity and fan following.

It is a great opportunity for a designer to showcase and sell his own services and products. A lot of designers save a lot of money by promoting themselves online rather than spending a huge amount on marketing and publicity. Especially for small brands blogging is a very potent tool, as it is available to them at a reasonable budget and can give them a good market penetration.

It is not necessary that designers blog just for money. Blogging can be a great way to get clients, boost reputation, increase personal brand awareness, and increase business as a designer.

Blogging can help the designer get a place to experiment and give himself an incentive to try out new design styles or techniques. After some time, the blog may reach a stage where it helps a blog supports a designer financially, that’s certainly a good reason to keep it up! It’s a wonderful opportunity to keep up to date with skillset while helping out others in the industry who keep enthused about running blogs.

Blogging is a great way to enter into the world of design and interact and communicate with fellow designers from around the world. The exposure it can generate for blogger and his business can also be very useful and can become a primary source of clients and business.

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