Photography Competition

Design Story: Narrate Your Story Through Photographs and Videos

Your world is a canvas. The way you design it will determine whether the canvas is bright, vibrant and lively. Every canvas narrates a story – the objects and spaces in this canvas come together to create an interactive design that governs your everyday life. Being able to capture the nuances of this story is an art. If you can interpret the design around you, you will realize the profound effect your environment has on your emotions, health, and wellbeing.

This is your chance to capture #everydaydesign and transform it into something meaningful.

Why is Everyday Design Important?

No two people see and feel the same thing. A good example is an ice cream. You may see an ice cream cone as being unhealthy while a child may see it as a heavenly treat. So, when you look at the world around you, it will evoke certain feelings and emotions, and maybe even impact certain decisions you make on a daily basis.

You cannot under-estimate the power of design, which ultimately makes you who you are – an individual with your own likes, dislikes, perceptions, values, and beliefs.

Capturing the Design Story

Bring out your smartphone or video camera and ensure it has the capability to capture images of minimum 480 pixels. Shoot away. Alternatively, you can click still photographs, which should have a minimum resolution of 8 megapixels.

You are free to use apps to create stunning videos, graphics, and animations, as well, as long as you capture the true essence of the design of your world.

The Next Step

Upload your video or photograph onto the ARCH blog after registering at Our eminent panel of jurist will adjudge the best entries, which will win attractive prizes, including DSLR camera, point-and-shoot camera, and an instant camera. There are many prizes that you can win. All entries will receive an acknowledgment and certification of participation.

Make Your Move

Check out for submission details and terms and conditions. What are you waiting for?

Create your #designstory today and let the world see your world through YOUR eyes. Hurry, before registrations close!