Popular myths about Interior Designers

This article has been written by Pranjal Joshi

1. Interior design is a female profession
Absolutely wrong! Number of male Interior Designers has been on a rise in the last ten years. This profession has got more to do with having a unique vision and approach and not much to do with gender. The best design professionals, regardless of their gender are those with a unique vision and approach. These professionals are creative and have an intuitive feel for interiors.



2. Myth: You pay them to do things you could do yourself
That’s the biggest misconception! It’s true that many people are gifted with a good eye for color, design, decoration and form etc. They can design spaces amazingly well but there are a lot of valuable proponents which only an Interior Designer can provide.

For example, Designers regularly attend events, fairs and showrooms you have no access to. At the same time, they follow trends you have no time for and they have access to professional help in case they get stuck with ideas.

Their degrees guarantee they know a lot about Interior Design, and they have the practice, expertise and knowledge you lack even if you’ve designed amazing projects in the past.



3. They charge a lot of money
Designers make concept based plans, aimed at accomplishing goals without surpassing financial restrictions given to them. However, they charge a good consultation fees which depends upon many factors.

In case they come up with something too expensive, you can explain them your constraints and get the plan changed.

Besides, plans are temporary, almost everything can be changed as we go along, before reaching the final destination.

4. Interior Design is just about ‘Decorating’
No. Setting up a space is the key to make that space useful, attractive and better. Interior Designing goes deep into making a space useful in terms of its layout. Interior Design provides function, comfort and a feeling that promotes usefulness of space.

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