Fashion Stylist and a Fashion Designer

What’s the Difference between a Fashion Stylist and a Fashion Designer?

Fashion as a term and industry has never been exhaustive and with modern times, modern requirements have made “FASHION” a way of life. With technological advancements, clothing has become a part of each’s identity than a requirement as before, allied industries and skills have integrated with the fashion industry making way for a new set of jobs requiring new purview from designers.

Fashion Stylist and Fashion Designer

Today, two of the most popular career opportunity arising out of Fashion Degrees is: Fashion design and Fashion styling. While they may overlap in the terms of fashion, they are quite different in terms of their focus and responsibilities. A fashion designer is someone who creates new clothing and accessory designs, while a fashion stylist is responsible for curating and organising clothing and accessories to create a cohesive, visually appealing look for a particular project or client.


To pursue a career in fashion design, individuals typically need to earn a fashion design degree or take fashion design courses. These programs typically cover a range of topics, including design principles, textiles, sewing techniques, and computer-aided design (CAD). Many fashion design degree courses also include internships or other hands-on learning opportunities, which can provide valuable real-world experience.

STUDY FASHION AT ARCH College of Design & Business

ARCH College of Design & Business, Jaipur is a pioneer in the field of fashion design, offering multiple pathways to pursue your course in Fashion Design. For Fashion designing courses after 12th ARCH offers 2-degree pathways: 1. B.DES DEGREE in Fashion Design from the UNIVERSITY OF RAJASTHAN; and 2. FAST-TRACK B.A/M.A STUDY ABROAD DEGREE which provides certification of PEARSON BTEC Level 5 HND (FASHION DESIGN).

Offering design programs covering a range of topics, including design theory, fashion history, colour theory, pattern making, CAD and how to work with different body types and personalities, ARCH also focuses on experiential learning by providing internship opportunities, industry exposure, and international participation in fashion shows. Students in fashion styling courses may also learn how to work with photographers, models, and other industry professionals to create successful photoshoots or fashion shows.

At ARCH, you’ll gain further skills and knowledge through fashion design courses that will help you channel your creativity and talent in a way that will allow you to best utilise the opportunities in the fashion industry. APPLY FOR AIEED

Postgraduate degree in Fashion Designing offered by ARCH:

MASTER’S IN DESIGN ENTREPRENEURSHIP with Specialisation In Fashion Design from Rajasthan ILD Skills University

Short-Term Courses in Fashion Designing offered by ARCH :

Fashion Illustration Course, Fashion Draping Course, Pattern Making & Garment Construction Course, Fashion Illustration & Design Course, Computer-Aided Fashion Design Course, and Diploma In Fashion Design Course.

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