Product Design in India

Career as a Product Designer – Available Courses, Skills Required, Job Roles

Product design is the art of blending user needs with business goals to help brands make consistently successful products. The product shall complement and enhance a person’s lifestyle, right from the most basic to high-end luxury. Designing new products, from everyday items such as kitchen appliances to complex machinery, is an integral part of a product designer’s career. Designing functional, aesthetically pleasing products that meet the needs of their intended users requires creativity, technical skills, and problem-solving abilities.

A bachelor’s degree in Product Design is a common educational path for those interested in this career. In addition to earning a degree, product designers need to possess a range of skills to be successful in their careers. These skills may include creativity, problem-solving abilities, technical expertise, and communication skills. Product designers should also be able to work well in teams and have the ability to manage their time effectively. APPLY FOR AIEED


ARCH College of Design & Business offers multiple pathways to pursue your course in Product Design. For Product designing courses after 12th ARCH offers 2-degree pathways: 1. B.DES DEGREE in Product Design from the UNIVERSITY OF RAJASTHAN; and 2. FAST-TRACK B.A/M.A STUDY ABROAD DEGREE which provides certification of PEARSON BTEC Level 5 HND (PRODUCT DESIGN).

ARCH’s mission is to collaborate with traditional and digital crafts to set high standards of professional competency and maintain international benchmarks in developing creative solutions.


As Eric Eriksson writes, “product design is the whole process.” You evaluate problem validation, as well as crafting, designing, testing, and shipping the solution.

Thus, a wide range of job and career opportunities are available in the product design industry such as Product Development Manager, Product Coordinator, Trend and Forecast Analyst, Design Strategist,Product/ Industrial designer, Craft Based Product Designer, Design Manager, Lifestyle Accessories Designers, and Designers of Costume products like Jewellery, Leather Goods, Giftware, Tableware, Watches, Bags, Footwear and Handicraft etc, Sourcing Consultants, Visual Merchandisers

Some product designers may work in industries such as automotive, medical devices, or consumer electronics, while others may work in more specialised fields like sporting goods or furniture design. Alternatively, you might choose to work in Product marketing and sales or start your own entrepreneurial career with firms or manufacturing companies.

Postgraduate degree in Product Designing offered by ARCH:

MASTER’S IN DESIGN ENTREPRENEURSHIP with Specialisation In Product Design from Rajasthan ILD Skills University

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