The course is intended to innovatively integrate indigenous skills and craft knowledge with contemporary design practice. The curriculum focuses on all stages and activities involved in the creation of a new product, controlling the creative process from inception to realisation – from design concept to marketing.

Learners are encouraged to develop an understanding of time-honoured skills, and the impact of designers, craftsmen, and end-users on the appearance, function and utilitarian aspects of designs. They are coached in creating ecologically sound designs that help promote beneficial developments & facilitate the functioning of a circular economy.

In this guided process, students independently research and experiment with media, materials and practical techniques to gain insight into a wide range of appropriate materials, manufacturing and finishing techniques and processes, alongside the traditional methods used in the craft. The course aims to enable learners to develop a strategy for developing new ranges of handmade and machine-made utility products suitable for contemporary lifestyles.


4 years


  • Introduction to Indian Craft Techniques
  • Theory of Craft Product Design & Context
  • Basics of Craft Product Manufacturing
  • Computer Basics
  • History of Indian Crafts
  • Terracotta Craft (Lifestyle Products & FashionAccessories)
  • Fashion and Textiles Materials Understanding
  • Product Design
  • Fine Art Sculpture
  • Professional Practice in Art and Design
  • Research Project (Textile Product &Accessories)
  • Specialist 3D Materials
  • Leather Crafts (Lifestyle Products & Fashion Accessories)
  • Using CAD for Crafts.
  • Ceramic Design
  • Project Design
  • Implementation and Evaluation
  • Critical Study in Art and Design
  • Using CAD for Crafts
  • Specialist 3D Technology and Processes
  • Light Metals in Art and Design
  • Wood in Art and Design
  • Glass in Art and Design
  • Marketing Research & Marketing
  • Furniture Design
  • Professional Portfolio Development & Presentation
  • Final Project - Creative Product
  • Entrepreneurship Skills Development
  • Industry Internship

Career Opportunities

  • Entrepreneur
  • Product Development Manager
  • Blogger and Social Media Marketer
  • Interface Designer
  • Lifestyle Product Designer
  • Product Coordinator
  • Trend and Forecast Analyst
  • Design Strategist
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Accessory Designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Product/ Industrial designer
  • Consulting Firms researcher
  • Craft Based Product Designers
  • Design Managers
  • Lifestyle Accessories Designers
  • Designers of Costume products like Jewellery, Leather Goods, Giftware, Tableware, Watches, Bags, Footwear and Handicraft etc
  • Sourcing Consultants
  • Visual Merchandisers
  • Toy Designers


We welcome students from around the world and understand that our international students may have special requirements. Email us at admission@archedu.org



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