B Des Craft & Accessory Design

Course Intent

Bachelor of Design in Craft & Accessory Design, is a Degree Course affiliated to the University of Rajasthan. The course has been designed with focus on building responsible Design Professionals through holistic learning of Design and Technical skills required in Craft & Accessory industry.

The curriculum will impart understanding and experience of Craft and Accessory environment, along with Design and Business context knowledge, skills and application.

Study of Craft & Accessory Design in this course empowers students to ideate and co-create products that will contribute to the evolution of a sustainable future of Craft & Accessory industry.

At the end of the professional course, a student will be able to respond to Design requirements and will also be able to understand aesthetic and functional requirements of a Product Design brief.

No. of Seats 25
Eligibility 12th (any stream)
Duration 4 year
Award Bachelor of Design (B.Des) from University of Rajasthan


  • University of Rajasthan

Be a Design Thinker

Learning Outcome

  • Understand and Evaluate influences on Design activities through analysis of information.
  • Understand Design & Principles of 3D compositions.
  • Understand Methods & Techniques of visualization & presentation.
  • Understand properties, techniques, process terminology and tools of materials.
  • Develop concepts through exploration of materials, techniques and processes.
  • Develop Designs and Products for terracotta, leather, wood, glass, lacquer, metal and fabric.
  • Plan a project using the Design Development Cycle.

Course Content

Year 1 Foundation

The Foundation year will introduce students to Fundamental of Design, Principles & Methods. Basic skills, tools and processes of Visualization & Drawing Techniques, Material Studies and Computer Application, will be imparted at this stage. Besides, students will understand context of Design through history of Art & Design, Environmental and Social issues.

Learning will take place through group discussions, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, study tours, visits to galleries and museums and industry/craft cluster visits.

Year 2 Introduction to jewellery products, skills, techniques & context to design

In year 2, students will be exposed to influences of world craft along with understanding of social, psychological, cultural, historical and commercial factors which influence crafts.

Students will develop design sensibilities along with understanding of trends forecast, craft materials, manufacturing techniques and industry practices. Design methods, process and presentation skills are incorporated in projects to create design capability that consequently help them to build a strong portfolio.

Year 3 Develop skills, techniques and application in projects

Industry orientation is incorporated in the learning through realistic design approach within limited constraints inherent in Craft & Accessory products. They are encouraged to develop individual and personal style of expression while creating concepts, Design ideas and new product range of craft & accessory collection. Students will understand industrial production technology of Virtual Prototyping, CAD software 3DS MAX along with exposure to concepts of Sustainability. Product Photography for documentation, Merchandising and dynamics of E-Commerce platform will form the core of business understanding.

Year 4 projects and industry exposure

In the final year, students will gain knowledge of professional practices and to relate these to personal goals and career opportunities. Relevant Business understanding of laws, Brand development, Entrepreneurship and setting up a small scale Industry will be through practical experience during internship in this phase. Students will undertake final Range Development and create Design Portfolio of projects done.

Career Opportunities

  • Craft Product Designer with Design Studios/ export houses/retail brands
  • Design Manager in a craft-oriented firm
  • Entrepreneur in Craft Accessory sector
  • Craft Accessory Researcher
  • Craft Accessory Blogger
  • Craft Accessory Content Writer
  • Independent Accessory Design Consultant

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