Jewellery Designing Colleges in India


Do you have an eye for good design and foresight to jewellery trends? Do gems and metals fascinate you? Do you want to design accessories to complement the present fashion trends? Then now is the best time to join India’s gems and jewellery industry and jewellery design courses can help you launch your career. Aside from financial success, you will reap rewards that are personally and professionally satisfying with a jewellery design degree. But first, let’s talk about the Indian gems and jewellery industry.


Did you know that India will become the world’s largest hub for gems and jewellery exports by 2025?

The Indian Gems and Jewellery Industry has become the backbone of the economy by being one of the significant contributors to India’s export-led growth. The industry has gained global popularity because of its talented craftsmen, best practices in cutting and polishing fine diamonds and precious stones, and cost-efficiencies.

Given India’s rising overall literacy rates, this sector is beginning to appreciate the need for education and the impact of such inputs on business. According to the National Skill Development Corporation, there is an expected demand for skilled personnel to create multiple designs to meet customer needs.


Earning a course in Jewellery Designing will enable you to work with established jewellers. As a result, you will be able to get employed with different jewellery manufacturing companies, buying agencies, large jewellery exporters and showrooms, etc. Other scopes of working are some high-fashion magazines, becoming an entrepreneur or starting up a career as a professor. If you gain in-depth knowledge and research on gemstones, you can also take up a profession as a consultant advising customers on their authenticity. Creating custom pieces or mass-producing jewellery for wholesale or retail sales is also an option. You can work for a jewellery or fashion design house or establish your own label.


ARCH College of Design & Business is the epitome of excellence in providing jewellery designing courses. Designated with multiple awards and recognitions it stands as one of the best design institutes in the country. Situated in the Emerald Processor of the World and Modern & Traditional Jewellery hub capital: Jaipur, Rajasthan, ARCH offers plenty of promising courses in jewellery design. These courses are long-term as well as short-term and are available at almost all levels including graduation, post-graduation, diploma, advanced diploma, and certificate courses. The minimum eligibility to take admission in these courses is higher secondary education and the course duration varies from a few weeks, months to 4 years. The course in Jewellery design at ARCH intends to integrate visual, tactile and decorative characteristics of jewellery materials with the finer aspects of design, technology, materials, and processes with the various production levels, from a precision orientation to vendor-based manufacturing.

ARCH offers a B. Des Jewellery Design Degree from the University Of Rajasthan and a Masters In Design Entrepreneurship Specialisation in Jewellery Design from Rajasthan ILD Skills University. Short Term Professional Course In Jewellery Design And Gemmology offered by ARCH College of Design & Business are Contemporary Enamelling Course, Gem Identification & Study Course, Jewellery Manufacturing Course, Traditional Jewellery (Kundan Meena & Enamelling) Course, Diamond Jewellery Design Course, Fashion Jewellery Design, Course, Gold Jewellery Of India Course, Couture Jewellery Course, Jewellery Illustration And Design Course, Computer-Aided Jewellery Design Course, Jewellery Design Through Corel & Photoshop Course, Jewellery Design Through Jewel Cad(3d Software) Course, Jewellery Design Through 3 Design (Advance 3d Software) Course. APPLY FOR AIEED

While offering these courses, ARCH’s mission is to provide excellence in jewellery pedagogy, facilitating students’ learning by generously exposing them to the traditional crafts of India alongside technology and adding value to the Indian gems and jewellery industry through creativity, innovation, research, and quality consciousness in both fabrication and business.


Since time immemorial jewellery has been a fascinating accessory to humans. It has been a desirable possession and always lured them. The clothing lines and designs in fashion jewellery are constantly changing along with people’s lifestyles and tastes. One must keep abreast of the changing trends in fashion jewellery if jewellery designers want to have their own style statements. For further information go to our website or contact us on 9414070678.