B. Des Jewellery Design

Course Intent

The course aims at integrating the finer aspects of Design, technology, materials and processes with various levels of production. Learners are encouraged to be experimental and innovative and simultaneously use traditional techniques of jewelry making.

Links are nurtured with jewelers, goldsmith and other craft practitioners, artists and designers of different fields to deliver assignments to learners. They are further provided hands on knowledge through workshops and master classes. The live classroom projects are guided by real life industry briefs and representative mentorship from industry to support the contents of the program. Furthermore, the learners gain a thorough understanding of historical and contemporary professional practices through visiting galleries, shops, trade fairs, exhibitions, and high profile retail fairs.

No. of Seats 25
Eligibility 12th (any stream)
Award Bachelor of Design (B.Des) from University of Rajasthan


  • University of Rajasthan

Be a Design Thinker

Learning Outcome

  • Understand and recognize the principles and visual learnings relevant to design practices.
  • Understand the visual, tactile and decorative characteristics of jewellery materials and the factors and principles relevant to Jewellery Product Design.
  • Understand professional practice in Jewellery Design, able to respond to design requirements and to develop skills in planning and producing prototypes, able to create a complete professional portfolio of Design and development work, able to integrate Design, Technical and Technological as of production and Business strategies.

Course Content

Year 1 Foundation

The Foundation in Jewellery Design will introduce the students to basic concepts and Principles of Design and enable application of Design Methodologies through Visualization & Drawing Techniques, Material Studies and Computer Application. They will understand and be able to articulate the context of Jewellery design through study of history of Art & Design, Environmental Studies, and English and Hindi languages.

Year 2 Introduction to Jewellery Design

In year 2, students will step into the world of Jewellery Design where they will understand and apply fundamentals and principles of Jewellery Design and basics of Jewellery manufacturing. They will gain contextual understanding of the Jewellery domain through critical study in Art & Design, history of Jewellery, Gemology & Metallurgy, Product Design and properties of 3-D materials. Computer applications will enable students to articulate reports, and help in documentation and presentation.

Year 3 Develop skill based techniques and application in projects

The students will be developing their skills and techniques of Jewellery Design for application to projects on Accessories and Body Adornment (Gold Project) and Product Design (Diamond Jewellery) to learn implementation and evaluation. They will be introduced to Corel Draw, Specialist 3D Technology and Processes (2D & 3D Software)to enable Design ideation, project documentation and presentation.

Year 4 Real life situations through projects and industry exposure

As students progress to the Final Year of B. Des, they will undertake the Kundan Meena project aimed to explore traditional jewellery of Rajasthan. The project will be an opportunity to integrate Research, Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation and venture into understanding the jewellery industry through the world of professional practice in Art and Design.

Career Opportunities

  • Jewellery Designer
  • Product Development Manager
  • Accessory Designer
  • Trend Analyst
  • Merchandiser
  • Design Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Sourcing Manager
  • Costume Jewellery Designer
  • Stylist, Bench Jeweler & Entrepreneur

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