M.Voc Jewellery Design & Entrepreneurship

Course Intent

The PG Jewellery Design course will familiarize the learner with knowledge of all the processes involved in designing Jewellery to become an industry professional. Learners are exposed to all the skills required for continuous creation. They explore fundamentals of management and business strategies including Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Leadership, Jewellery Costing, Marketing and Merchandising. The course aims to encourage learners towards starting their own enterprise, apply knowledge and skills to create unique products and develop branding strategy around it. One of the important features of business incubation in year 2 will provide understanding of enterprise management and planning structure to work on a Business plan, Training & Networking support and prepare to also work as an intra-preneur in employment.

Be a Design Thinker

Course Content

The programme aims to equip learners with key disciplines of jewellery business and entrepreneurship including understanding of indigenous and global jewellery, planning and management of creative enterprises, business communication, and jewellery marketing. The programme encourages learners to start a jewellery business; apply knowledge and practical understanding of jewellery product, processes, supply chain, jewellery retail management, market and trends, to attribute unique features to the enterprise. The Business incubator in the campus will provide enterprise management training and networking support for the start-ups initiated by the learner.

In this programme, students evaluate the performance of different jewellery retailers with a particular focus on how they meet the needs and wants of their customers at different market levels.They also assess how the buying, merchandising, designing, retailing and marketing functions contribute to reach profitability goals. The curriculum engages with the student to evaluate the impact of corporate social responsibilities, ethical and environmental issues, new technologies and new business strategies for the jewellery retail industry.


Year 1

Jewellery Design and Entrepreneurship

First year includes ARCH curriculum which supports students in gaining fundamental knowledge and skills in design.

Design Research Methodology, Advanced Entrepreneurship, Product Design Methodology, Jewellery Manufacturing and Management, Project Management, Trends Research, Analysis and Forecasting, Jewellery Retail Management, Design Project and Documentation

Year 2

Advanced Jewellery Design and Entrepreneurship

Second year includes ARCH curriculum which advances students’ knowledge and skills in design.

Technology Innovation in Design, Accelerator Programme and Allied Workshops, Industry Internship, Incubation, Product Design Development, Dissertation and Portfolio

No. of Seats 30
Eligibility Graduation (any stream)

Master of Vocational Degree (M.VOC) in Design Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Jewellery Design) from RISU

ARCH Certification


  • Rajasthan ILD Skills University

Career Opportunities

  • As Jewellery Designers, Production Supervisors, Quality Controllers, Design Managers in Jewellery Industries.
  • As Entrepreneurs: with financial support from finance corporations / Banks. They can also opt for teaching in Jewellery Design Institutions
  • As showroom Manager/ sales representative.
  • Students can fit into the role of a Jewellery Coordinator, Brand Manager, Jewellery Merchandiser
  • Jewellery Product Development Manager, Jewellery Buyer / Designer, Jewellery Editor/ Journalist, Trend and Forecast Analyst
  • Principal Design Strategist with NGOs (engaging in design intervention and sustenance of traditional skills) and Academician.

Book Counselling

Learning Outcome

  • Interpret and communicate design ideas and technical specifications.
  • Identify manufacturing and production process of various jewellery products.
  • Value quality and processes necessary for design and commercial impact
  • Develop entrepreneurial acumen along with business communication skills
  • Establish effective relationship with the jewellery industry through extensive internship
  • Conduct research through relevant methodology and derive solutions and conclusions
  • Prepare a robust business plan and work with transforming technologies and utilise opportunities to enter jewellery industry
  • Incubate yourself, design a business plan to gain funding.

Business Incubation

The course culminates with inputs on entrepreneurship and developing a Business Plan for individual enterprise. Selected business plans will be provided an opportunity of incubation with ARCH Business Incubation, where the project will be guided by faculty and mentored by industry expert.