The programs under ASM-ARCH SCHOOL OF MUSIC shall teach you how to produce great music in Logic Pro and Ableton Live. They cover all the key aspects of music production, composition, sound design, and mixing. Taught by music industry professionals with deep backgrounds and longstanding careers in music production, ASM’s programs help you to build the skills to make your music sound amazing. In addition to class hours, all ASM music production programs include training time with your instructor. Start your music production career with ARCH School of Music.



  • Logic X Overview
  • Drum Programming
  • Drum Machine Designer & Drum Synth
  • Virtual Instruments & Synths
  • Live Loops
  • Quick Sampler
  • Creating Parts & Structure


  • Class 1: Introduction & Starting with Logic
  • Class 2: Basic Editing & Apple Loops
  • Class 1: Recording Settings & Bouncing
  • Class 2: Live Loops & Project Handling
  • Class 1: Drum Instruments
  • Class 2: Keyboard Instruments
  • Class 1: Synthesiser & Logic Synths
  • Class 2: Sample-Based Instruments
  • Class 3: 121 Sessions
Duration 1 month
Available start dates 3rd of every month
Teaching Hours 2 Hours/ 2 Days a week
Eligibility Open to all
Award Arch Certificate


  • Logic X Overview
  • Drum Programming
  • Drummer & MIDI Editing
  • Drum Machine Designer & Drum Synth
  • Music Basics & MIDI Effects
  • Virtual Instruments & Other Features in Logic X
  • Audio Processing & Quick Sampler
  • Flex Time & Flex Pitch
  • Live Loops & Step Sequencer
  • Creating Parts & Structure
  • Mixing & Final Mixdown


Week 1: Introducing Logic Pro X
Week 2: MIDI Sequencing & Drum Programming
Week 3: Recording & Editing MIDI
Week 4: Creating Parts & MIDI FX
Week 5: Recording & Importing Audio
Week 6: Editing Audio
Week 7: Processing Audio
Week 8: Arrangement & Automation
Week 9: Intro To Mixing
Week 10: Sampling
Week 11: 121 Sessions & Assignment Submission

Duration 3 Months
Available start dates 12th July 2022
3rd Oct 2022
9th Jan 2023
Teaching Hours 4 Hours/ 2 Days a week
Eligibility Open to all
Award Arch Certificate


  • Intro to Sound Engineering
  • Mixing Console (pt 1)
  • Mixing Console (pt 2)
  • All About Microphones
  • Recording Session: Drums
  • Fixing Live Recordings in DAW
  • Recording Techniques
  • In Session: Guitars/Bass
  • Recording Vocals
  • Finalising Project for Mixdown
  • In the Box Mixing
  • Completing Projects


Week 1: The Mixing Environment & Critical Listening
Week 2: The Mixer & Stereo Image
Week 3: Dynamics
Week 4: Equalisation
Week 5: Space and Depth - Reverb
Week 6: Echoes, Delays and Related Effects
Week 7: Creative Mixing
Week 8: Mixing Vocals
Week 9: Finishing A Mix
Week 10: Basic Mastering
Week 11: Week 11

Duration 3 Months
Available start dates 12th July 2022
3rd Oct 2022
9th Jan 2023
Teaching Hours 4 Hours/ 2 Days a week
Eligibility Open to all
Award Arch Certificate


Do I Need to buy software & equipment to take the course?

Depending on your programme, certain pieces of hardware and software will be essential throughout your studies at ASM. Yes, You need to buy the software to study online (distance learning), this equipment will be essential to your studies and assignment work.

What is my timetable?

This course requires your attendance for four classes per week for advanced courses and two classes per week for basic courses. Your timetable will be confirmed a week before the start of each term. If you have specific timetable requests, please contact us before booking and we will do our best to arrange your classes at times that suit you.

I work full-time. Is it possible for me to take this course?

We would be happy to see if we can arrange a timetable that will work around your work commitments. Please contact us for more information.

Help! My question is not answered here

If you have further questions, don't be shy, please contact a Course Advisor who will be happy to help.

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