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ChrCha with Performing artist Cara Hagan

In this Chr-cha,  Ms. Cara Hagan; Assistant Professor of Dance Studies Appalachian State University USA  talked about the “ Versatility in the Performing Arts “ .  

Cara Hagan is a professional artist of many genres. She has had the pleasure of presenting her work on stage, on screen, and in educational settings across the US and abroad.

Sharing about her journey Cara said, “When I was 5 years old, I had decided that I was going to spend my life digging up dinosaur bones, traveling through outer space and making art of an ambiguous nature. At 13, I had a revelation, and one evening declared in the kitchen, “Mom, I want to bring dance to the PEOPLE!” Since then, I have been exploring exactly what I meant by that statement, and my explorations have led me on some amazing art journeys through the worlds of dance, film, music, storytelling, visual practice and yoga. I use these skills to make art of a performative nature in hopes that I can inspire people to play, converse and act in ways that incite change and make more compassionate communities.”

People from music, performing arts and design joined in the discussion.

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