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Chrcha- Creativity Meet on Cultural Governance

Conceptualised and organised by the Arch Academy of Design, CHR-CHA is a forum to bring together people from the design industry for interdisciplinary discussions, pivotal to Design & Creation in all fields, over a cup of tea. The forum enables individuals to examine challenges in their sectors & share their experiences, ideas, opinions and policy advocacy towards collaborative efforts, implementation methodologies and build meaningful connections with like-minded people from the community.

The most recent edition of Chr-cha held on 5th April 2017 revolved around ‘The need for a Cultural Governance Forum’. The idea behind an International Cultural Governance Forum is to collect information regarding the guise of cultural governance across a number of locations across the globe. Attended by Mr. Ian King, Professor of Aesthetics and Management, from the University of the Arts, London, and Professor Annick Shramme, Academic director, Knowledge Community  Creative Industries, Antwerp Management School, the discussion focused on how arts and cultural organizations are managed in western locations (mainly UK, USA and Europe)to understand how to manage the same and incorporate best practices in ‘cultural governance’ in non-western locations.

Learnings from such conversations will help in gaining perspective towards solving complex issues related to supporting the efforts for growing and preserving (arts-crafts-culture) civilization for the next generations. 

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