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The IIJS Visit

Arch Jewellery Design students visited the India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) in Mumbai - one of the most important events in the field of Jewellery Design. During the visit between the 29th and 3rd of August, they came in contact with several important national and international brands, and observed exciting new design trends including new shapes, new material and techniques.

The students participated in 3 highly interesting seminars to discuss the new positions of jewellery in the contemporary world. They understood how brands and designers are dealing with the new generation of consumers and how to develop effective marketing strategies in a totally interconnected world.

They learnt the importance of connecting antique techniques to new designs and the revolutionary opportunity to present the world with incredible Indian craftsmanship through contemporary creations.

The Kala Ghoda Visit: Kala Ghoda, a neighbourhood famous for its great number of galleries and art spaces where the visiting students interacted with artists, curators and gallery owners. Here they witnessed the huge scale of the significant market in the field of jewels.

One of the most exciting exhibitions was “Descendent” from Mr. Haroon Khimani in the Jahangir Art Gallery. The visual showcase presented a retrospective view of the artist where he mixed collage and painting techniques to explore the chaos, the collapse and the life in flux. The students observed how through ink and canvas he created strong and deep images and was able to bring to surface humane and sensitive questions.

Through an interactive session with several questions, the students understood more about the creative process of the artist and his trajectory. The trip helped widen their horizons of design thinking, and proved to be a very inspirational trip!

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