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Prahlad Kakkar deciphers branding at Convocation ceremony

How do you define a personality who refuses to age? ‘Unstoppable’ is the word and it goes synonymous with Mr. Prahlad Kakkar. This is how one of India's leading Ad Film Makers and Brand Guru addressed the Design graduates at the Convocation ceremony of ARCH College of Design & Business while introducing himself.

Entrepreneurship is all about facing your fears. ‘Dreams set you free’ is how he molded the speech adding if you don’t risk anything, you gain nothing. He stressed the importance of ‘power of dreaming’. What cheered the students was the formula he shared on handling rejection. He stated, ‘If you are versed in handling rejection, you become fearless’.

He said, what is important in branding is not Return on Investment but the value it creates. This value comes with passion, intelligence and commitment. Another element that makes a brand better going deep down into the nuisances of brand building to successfully relate to the target audience.