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ARCH Students attended workshop on Mendh Printing

Students of ARCH attended a workshop on Mendh printing which was conducted on Sunday, 25th February 2018 at A.K. Textiles, Sanganer by Awdhesh Kumar Pandey. Mendh printing is a craft that comes from the lands of Sanganer and Bagru. This creative workshop was also conducted at Sanganer, in the very land of its origin. 
The main reason this art is on the verge of extinction is that the juice of Mendh (Raal), which is a major ingredient needed for printing, is not easily available.
The workshop explained the process of printing and the reasons why it’s on the verge of extinction. Through these workshops Mr. Awdhesh encourages the younger generation to practice this art and the ways to keep it alive.
It was creative experience for the students, bringing them in touch with the Indian sense of art and traditional craft and culture.