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Exhibition Space Design by ARCH Students

Delhi Fair Spring 2018 with 14 clear product categories in enriched display spaces was held from 23 - 27 February, 2018. Here the ARCH students designed and developed the display spaces.
Ayushi Jain feels, “we got a chance to turn designs we think of into reality”.
It took 8 days for our students to analyze products, understand the Client’s requirements and design settings in a way that customers get inspired to interact more. Podiums, stools, racks and stairs were used to facilitate the display. The main task was to design the front wall. Students went to Neerja International’s office at Jaipur to accomplish the task. The designs and installations were later moved to a Delhi based venue.
Vaibhav Gurjar remarks, “we got to work at a professional level and learn technical and practical aspects of exhibition space”. 
Branding of the company and promotion of the craft was an integral part of the project. The Display was created showcasing the product range in all available sizes to provide customers with all available options. Plates and mirrors designed with blue pottery were the hot selling products. 
It was a great learning experience for students who learnt to work in a given time frame and come up with designs in spite of limitations. Dealing and coordinating with clients and vendors was also a part of student’s learning experience. 
The entire activity, and many others such as these that are conducted at ARCH frequently are a part of the vision and values of ARCH that believe in giving the students the best of real world and industry exposure, empowering them to create success on their own.

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