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Special Session for Students

A special session for students of ARCH was held on the 16th of February 2018. It consisted of a presentation and talk given by Milan Trivic who is the Regional Admissions Coordinator, Asia Pacific for NABA and the Domus Academy, Italy. He briefed the students about the various courses and options available for them at the Graduate and Post-Graduate level at the institutions he represented. Also, a note was given by Abraham Choorickapra Mani and George Syriac who are the co-founders of Maitri Global Education. It is a specialised and experienced firm that assists students with art, design and other related studies. The students were shown videos and audio-visual presentations that would guide them about design education in Italy. They were also shown how to create design portfolios in a structured and specified manner, which would appeal to the selectors and enable them to get into these coveted institutes.