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Masterclass on ‘Button Masala’

Renowned Fashion Designer Anuj Sharma of designer label ‘Button Masala’, conducted a masterclass at ARCH College of Design and Business on 2nd and 3rd February 2018 for Fashion Design students. The class started with a general discussion about: "What is Design?" This also happens to be a frequently asked question to every design aspirant. Anuj helped the students widen their perspective about design. 

The interesting journey of ‘Button Masala’ inspired the students. Anuj encouraged students to use simple, easily available resources for their design collections and gave a demonstration of his design concepts with the use of fabric, buttons and rubber bands. It was a great experience for the students as they tried incorporating the concept of Button Masala to drape stylish garments. Button Masala is a joinery concept which allows multiple use of the same product. Basically, it is formed on a simple grid system, which gives the wearer many changing possibilities. 

Button Masala is made using fabric, rubber-bands with sequins, coins, bottle caps, metal containers, balls and cups etc. The production involves no machine or tool and is among sustainable products in the apparel category. It is a fast production system with marginal overheads. It can be easily learnt and used to make own clothes or other products from one piece of fabric. "This is the most reasonable, eco-friendly and sustainable way of making clothes. There is hardly any wastage because our clothes are rectangular; there is no need to cut the fabric,” says Anuj. Anuj made students understand the need to focus on conceptual learnings of design, be thoughtful and have a clear intent before designing a collection. He suggested that students must read news and happenings from world of Fashion Design to be more aware. He explained how fabric, layers of clothes and kind of clothing are influenced by culture, climate and temperature of a place.

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