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Google organises a session on online safety for women at ARCH

 Google initiated an effort ‘Digital Trust Dialogue’ in collaboration with SheThePeople.TV at ARCH College of Design and Business on Thursday, 19th April 2018. ARCH has been committed to the cause of women empowerment and has actively contributed towards their growth and hence they joined this effort. This workshop was conducted to bring in awareness among women regarding online safety and risk-free usage of the internet. Session started by a presentation on online safety by AbhasTripathi of Google. A panel discussion was held having ArchanaSurana, Founder and Director of ARCH college as a panelist along with CharuThukral, who is an Interior Architect and one of India’s top 10 female runners. Dr. Teena Sawhney who is an Educationist, Social Worker and Chairperson of Rajasthan Chapter of All Ladies League. Swati Souls is an artist, poet, painter and founder of Swati Souls Creations. Whereas, Poorvi and Roshni from SheThePeople.TV were a part of this workshop as well. This event aimed at creating awareness among women regarding online safety and usage of the internet in a safe and secure way.

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