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Aanapana Session

Practicing pediatrician Dr. Subhash Sethi conducted Aanapana session to explain the importance of Aanapana meditation to students. This session was organized with the help of Vipassana meditation center, Jaipur.Dr. Sethi is a senior Vipassana teacher who has been practicing meditation since 1990.

Practice of Aanapana is very valuable. He shared the scientific aspect of meditation with the audience.

Actual benefits of Ananapana will come only if we do it, only actions produce result in life. Knowledge doesn’t move life, only actions produce result in life. Meditation is good but until we actually do it the benefit will not come. It is not positive thinking but positive action which move life. With every choice, with every decision and with every action we move our lives in a particular direction. Human mind is a very powerful tool; all inventions are expressions of the power of human mind.

 Quotes by Dr. Subhash Sethi:

 “Minds are not used and bodies are abused.”

“Goal of life is to find your gifts, develop them and express them.”

"Design is using available material to deliver desired value."

"Either you can react to the circumstances or you can use them to create opportunities and dissolve problems. " 


"Our most important relationship is with our own mind, with our own thoughts and how we relate to those thoughts."

"In meditation, we learn to take back control of our own focus which is power. The power of human beings is that we can chose our focus."

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