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Orientation Program for New Students @ ARCH

An orientation program for new students was held at ARCH campus on Saturday, 14th July 2018.

Orientation program for fresh students held at ARCH provided a way for students to meet other students, become familiar with campus services, and get familiar with the ecosystem at ARCH. The Orientation program held at ARCH was informative and guided students to get answers to all the questions they sought answers for.

The session was conducted by Alpi Jain who introduced the experts and ensured a smooth transition of the entire program. Deputy-Head Academics at ARCH Neena Jaju Pingaley told the students about the world of design and made the students understand the importance of taking responsibility and be more self-reliant and accountable. She advised the students to create and grab opportunities as they move ahead in their journey of design education, along with embracing differences and acquire new knowledge.

Director Academics Partnership, Research and Innovation, Benoy Thoompunkal took the students into a world of possibilities of International partnerships, research and innovation. Presentations were given by Dr. Sharad Garg, Mr. Pramod Yadav, Mr. Dilnawaz Khan, Mr. Vishal Singhal and Ms. Richa Lakwal. The presentations given helped the students understanding more about design education, ARCH college, ERP software and ARCH incubation center.

Founder and Director of the institution, Mrs. Archana Surana shared the journey of inception and building-up of ARCH and how it shaped the lives of many thousands of individuals. She introduced students to ARCH and explained the vision of ARCH to students.  

All the parents and students, who attended the program were well-assisted during the course of the program.  

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