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MASTERCLASS on Alternative Therapy by Reeta Nyati

Reeta Nyati an Alternative Therapeutic Counselor, a Pastlife Regressionist and a Family Constellation Facilitator gave a masterclass in ARCH campus explaining the physical, mental and emotional challenges of life.
Her session was about the energies people have within themselves and about exploring the ‘unconscious world’, manipulating these energies would help people getting relief from depression.
She discussed about a few healing techniques like pranic healing, reiki, sujok, past life regression, rebirthing breathwork and family constellation healing.
Reeta said, “energy flows where attention goes.”
In an experiment, participants were made to close their eyes and focus on the energy they have within, many participants felt magnetic attraction and repulsion and flow of current and warmth.
The practical experiment made the session more interesting and powerful. She shared a few simple, easy and practical techniques to take home and experiment with.