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Workshop on Split Ply Braiding

A three-day workshop was held at ARCH based on the highly in vogue theme ‘Split Ply Braiding’ by Erroll Nelson Pires. The workshop introduced students to linear materials manipulations, by using basic techniques of knotting and braiding and the use of hands.
On the first day, the students were introduced to linear materials. On the second day, basic introduction to ply-split braiding was given to students and on the third day completion of the product & presentation were taught to students.

Errol said, “Indian Designers should look at our own craft very closely. Indian Designers need to apprentice themselves to master draftspersons and learn from them.”
According to Erroll’s deep insight, every student of design should do at least one internship with a master craftsperson.

This was his first visit to ARCH, and he was very fulfilled to see students exceeding his expectations. He felt that it was very important for them to practice, even after the three-day workshop ended. He emphasized that the practice may last for just 10 minutes every day but it must be regular.

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