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Chrcha on "Heritage... Stories of Change... Our Shared Future"

A creativity meet “Chr-cha” was organized on Fashion Colloquia theme “Heritage... Stories of Change... Our Shared Future”. 
A panel discussion was organized with James Ferreira, Label ‘James Ferreira’, Pratima Pandey, Label ‘Prama’, Mukesh Joshi from Morarka Foundation and Archana Surana, Founder & Director, ARCH College of Design & Business.

India as a nation is very vast with different ethnicity and culture. Various stories of fashion have evolved from rich heritage and culture which has shaped its present lives. Archana Surana pioneer in design education echoed the need for preserving Indian techniques and design in order to uphold the indigenous skills and craftsmanship. 

Sustainability and maintaining the eco system was another topic which was touched upon in Chr-cha. As the ace designer James Ferreira righty said that India has an age old tradition of zero waste and recycling and other nations have only now started adopting the practice of recycling. 

Pratima Pandey the Chanderi Queen further emphasized on the need to keep Indian heritage at the forefront. She gave an example of handloom. 

The participants from various walks, like Academicians, Designers, Industry & Bureaucracy participated and shared ideas and best practices to spread the message of sustainable future for fashion.  

Anna Tuhus, Researcher & Designer moderated the session. Forthcoming Chr-cha will be on above mentioned sub themes every month.

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